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Non diabetic hypoglycaemic episodes

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Hi. I have been having episodes of hypoglycaemia at random times, going as low as 2.1. I am not diabetic but have just had a prolonged OGGTT test, waiting for the results. I am not overweight but have put on 1 1/2 st in a few weeks, any ideas what could be going on. I must say, whilst I have these episodes, I feel very unwell, was admitted to hosp last week.

I feel extremely tired and everything is a struggle, I work full time and have a family, I manage but recently I'm feeling exhausted.

8 Replies
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Have you skipped any meals? Please check out the DIABETES RESEARCH AND WELLNESS FOUNDATION website. Go Click on diabetes and illness/what is diabetes.

I hope this will help.

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Hi. Thank you for your reply, I will take a look at the link. I eat normally, I have the episodes with no pattern, my bm goes high 2 hours after food, 9.9, and I feel awful. Yesterday I had breakfast and 1 1/2 after my bm was 3.4, felt nauseous. There seems no consistency.

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Are you eating goji berries? I know you said you aren't diabetic, but I know that goji berries can LOWER BS AND CAN CAUSE LOWS/NEED GLUCAGON TO TREAT. NEVER EAT GOJI BERRIES IF YOU'RE TYPE 1 and are on INSULIN. Personal experience!

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Hi, I'm definitely not eating any berries! I wasn't aware they could lower bm, interesting what you find out.

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Why are you testing your blood glucose if you are not diabetic? Type 2 diabetics in control can sometimes have what is known as false hypos which last a very short time and the body will correct itself quickly. 9.9 2 hours after food isn't necessarily a problem if you aren't diabetic and the lows aren't either but something does sound as if it needs further investigation.

Have you had your thyroid checked and vitamin B and D levels? The weight gain and tiredness suggests thyroid to me (my daughter has it and so does my husband and I'm T2 diabetic). I'd insist on a thyroid check

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I am in fact hypothyroid have been for six years, I keep tabs on that and recent blood test reassured me my thyroid levels are good.

I take my blood glucose levels at the request of the consultant that saw me after being admitted to hospital for severe hypoglycaemic episode, maybe not being diabetic I'm not worthy of calling it that.

The weight gain would suggest my thyroid being out of sink, but bloods confirm this not to be the case, the tiredness also.

A C peptide and cortisol test was done at the same time as fasting glucose test, perhaps it's hormone based, consultant wants to rule out insulinoma, which of course rare, but nevertheless took me by surprise.

Thanks again for your reply

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Hope they manage to sort you out and find the reason for the weight gain and your hypos, they can be scary. As an auto-immune condition thyroid often goes hand in hand with diabetes :(

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Hi, sorry late reply, I've been diagnosed as having reactive hypoglycaemia. I will be seeing a dietitian sometime.

I have changed my diet so I don't spike my sugars, I still have the episode regardless of what I've eaten after I have done something as simple as cutting the grass!

Advice from consultant was to keep a bottle of lucozade at hand!

They didn't want to do a CT scan as they don't believe it could be a insulinoma, they told me they were waiting for c peptide result, only to find out from another doctor it was in their freezer and it was never sent.

So I've taken control of my diet, and stocked up on lucozade!

Thanks for asking.


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