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Diabetes and vitamin D

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I am type 2; I check my levels with accu-check. Over the last fortnight my readings have gone up from the 4.0 - 8.0 level, to 10.0 - 17.0. I cant think of a reason for this. I have been inactive over the winter; hardly any walks or gardening or vigorous indoor dashing about, but readings have been pretty level.

The only change I can think of is that I have started to take vitamin D tabs:1,000 IU daily with 25 micrograms D3.

Does anyone know if this might be the cause?

My recent Hsa1 (whatever) is 62.


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I have taken Vit d3 for about 4 years and it has not had any effect on my bs levels

Thanks KoalaI am still deciding whether to give it a break for a while - it won't kill me either way!

If you have reduced your activity levels this likely the cause of your increased HbA1c. Can you find a way to exercise indoors? Even Youtube exercise videos will help.

Which vitamin D supplement are you taking?

This is what NHS recommend on vitamin D


Most over the counter supplements contain a much higher dose than this, which are usually safe but if you are deficient you would need much higher loading dose to correct and possibly a maintenance dose to keep levels correct.

Would your GP test your levels?

If not the NHS do do a direct private service to test vitamin D, by way of finger prick test via postal service.


Above link regarding the service including method & timings.


One microgram of Vitamin D = 40IU.

400IU of Vitamin D = 10ug.

Vitamin D3 is better than D2.

Vitamin D increases absorption of calcium. Calcium is abundant in most diets. Be careful not to take excess calcium unless prescribed by a doctor. Including in a multi vitamin.

There are also 2 important co factors when taking vitamin D3. K2 should be taken as any dietary calcium is then directed to your bones and teeth where you want it and away from blood vessels where you don't want it. Magnesium another common deficiency should also be taken. Best taken with fattiest meal of they day.

Better you has an oral spray (especially useful if absorption a possible issue) which contains D3 & K2 & recommends 3 sprays a day.


Does d3 have calcium in it, I take k2 as I take accrete d3 which has calcium as well as d3

Was this supplement recommended or one you have chosen? Calcium and D3 are separate ingredients but added together in this supplement.

Each film-coated tablet contains 600 mg calcium (as calcium carbonate 1500 mg) and 10 micrograms of colecalciferol (equivalent to 400 IU vitamin D3)

Do you take K2 in a separate supplement?

So you are adding calcium which unless you have a proven high risk of osteoporosis and prescribed by a doctor should be avoided.

The Accrete D3 was prescribed by my doctor after my bone density scan. This is due to the fact that I am on prednisolone for PMR. I take k2 in a separate supplement,

Hi. I have just been told I have high blood sugar levels and need to control it. At the same time, the doctor said I needed to start taking vitamin d3. I bought a glucose meter kit a couple weeks ago. So far I've noticed that my blood sugar is better if I've been walking and/or hiking every day. If I skip a couple days my blood sugar starts to climb. Seems to have more effect for me than diet.

If you can't go outside for walks, there are some very good hiking videos on YouTube in some amazing places. Like mountain trails in the Rockies or along beaches or places like Paris or London. Some have commentary about the places, and some have nothing but footsteps and bird tweets. Very cool.

Never heard that vitamin D3 will increase bs.

Vitamin D3 helps control many many functions. every one needs supplement after checking blood test. Keep above 50.

Most diabetics have deficiency of d3 and B12.

If taking for bone density improvement-- must take k2(Mk7) and also Boron. Calcium should be taken in two doses - 300 units each. most people get 600 in diet ( from food ).

Your higher levels may be due to reduced exercise. I would try increasing e exercise before anything else. Good luck, let us know how you get on 😊

Thanks to all who have responded; I suspect you are right (all of you) I am going to have to get off my bum aren't I?

I am 73 and for as long as I can remember I have hated going on dreary family walks after Sunday lunch. These days my husband either dawdles and inspects every blade of grass, or zooms off berating me to get a move on. My twin passions are swimming (and I have been denied my twice weekly trip to the pool for a year now), and gardening. I can't do physical jerks, skipping and leaping about, and I dont think yoga and Pilates would be the sort of exercise I need. This Covid thing has a lot to answer for. I suppose we could go for a walk in the car; by that I mean if we drove just one mile, we would have some brand new blades of grass for his inspection, and new views across the same old landscape. would the police catch us though?

I will report back in a week or so; from prison probably.


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