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Hi, I had gestation diabetes 3yrs ago and have since had my yearly check. But the last few woks, well mths I have had numb part in my hand that is tingly and doesn't go away and my feet feel like pins and kneedles. I do random checks and my levels seem OK, but can range from morning 6.8-7.1 and 2hrs after eating can be 11.9 ish.mshoud I be worried ?

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  • What has your doctor said about the tingling with the "pins and needles" feelings with the feet and hands?  How long have you had these issues?

  • I have to agree with Activity on this the first port of call is your doctor. Go see them and tell us what they say.

  • I haven't been back to the doctors about this as not sure it's connected or not. Plus can never get an appointment. Last time I went I had imparted levels and was told not to worry.

  • It could potentially be connected, don't be afraid to ask your doctor about it. It's good to be informed!

  • There are lots of things that could be causing the tingling - including thyroid and B12 deficiency as well as diabetic neuropathy - but diabetic neuropathy seems unlikely if you haven't been formally diagnosed as diabetic - not clear if you have from the post.


    Link to symptoms of B12 deficiency


    B12 serum test needs to be interpreted with clinical presentation in mind as the test isn't a specific guide

    If  you think B12 is a possibility then suggest you join this forum

  • Thank you, I have looked into this and I don't have any other symptoms that    Would suggest these things. I'm not a doctor, and I can never get an appointment so try to find out via other means. Thank you for answering and advice :)

  • I have both prediabetic and b12d's possible:(

  • Yes, and the worst thing is that the assumption generally is that it is diabetic neuropathy even if the main problem is actually B12D ... so something that could be 'cured' is left so long it becomes incurable.

  • I have had diabetes for 13 yrs and in my 2nd year I came down with norophathy in my feet and hands. They are numb , burn, sting, hurt real bad all the time feels like I'm being stung by millions of bees. My advice it to stay on protein no carb no sugar diet. The lower your a1c levels are the better your pain . High sugar bad pain. Hope I helped ya. Oh if you are obese ask your doc about Byetta. It will help your fat melt away it's amazing! 

  • Thank you, that's good advice, I will look into it. I'm not obese but I am a little over weight and I am trying to exersize more, it's beating the tiredness first 

  • My tiredness was awful. I'd eat a sandwich and be dead to the world for 6 hours. Carb counting helped rein in all the pain and help me move easier. If my blood sugar isn't controlled, I'm just a zombie.

  • How many carbs are you able to have each meal and snack?

  • 135g total, no less than 100g. I haven't been told specifically how to divide them throughout the day, but I take metformin 3x a day with food.

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