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Background Diabetic Retinopathy

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Just received results from my Diabetic Eye Test.Have been told that I have Background Diabetic Retinopathy.My Hospital letter states my next check up is due in 12 months.Just wondering,does this sound right.I would have imagined if there is some damage that I might need a check up sooner than this?

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Yes, I have this and was told my next appointment would be in year!!! Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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carly1971 in reply to Hidden

How long have you had diabetes,I am type 2 only diagnosed 4 weeks ago,although exhibiting symptoms for months,but wasn’t taken seriously or tested until about 6 weeks ago ? x

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I was diagnosed in about October last year and was told I had mild retinopathy in January. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

You will need to make sure that you keep tight control of your blood glucose to avoid the problem getting worse.

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carly1971 in reply to Osidge

Thank you,the hospital letter did state that.What I am questioning here is the fact that I won’t be seen at the eye clinic for 12 months.Should this condition not be more tightly monitored,as for keeping tight control on my glucose,I have yet to see Diabetic Dietician to get advice on what foods are even ok,no advice from GP,yet again I kept telling GP that I was gaining 10 pounds every month,was tired,thirsty,had repeated thrush and it took them 10 months to decide to test me.Can I ask,how do I even know what state my glucose levels are?

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Osidge in reply to carly1971

Are you on any medication?

On diagnosis 20 years ago with Type 2, I immediately cut out all obvious sugars from my diet. That will always help. An extension to that would be to follow a diet that is low in carbohydrate content as carbs turn to sugar. As an initial measure you might want to consider the Newcastle diet ( )

You should probably let your GP know that you are intending to follow that diet.

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carly1971 in reply to Osidge

I am 1000mg metformin a day.I have cut obvious sugars,but I am still wanting to know about these eye check ups and how do I monitor my sugar levels ?

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Osidge in reply to carly1971

You might be able to persuade your GP to prescribe strips and lancets for home blood glucose monitoring on the grounds of your background retinopathy. Failing that you would have to purchase. If you take strong measures such as the Newcastle diet then you would not need to monitor your blood glucose and could reverse the background retinopathy.

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carly1971 in reply to Osidge

Thank you

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sueshepy in reply to carly1971

Hi Carly, I am diabetic ad have been for the last 10 years. Two years ago after an eye check up I received a letter stating that I had bleeding at he back of the eye also known as retinopathy. As it wasn't so serious my next eye check was 12 months after and from that check the problem had gone although it can come back. Hope this helps.

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carly1971 in reply to sueshepy

Thank you,this was very helpful ,as were all the other replies.I am new to this whole Diabetes thing,just find it a bit daunting with the lack of information received from GP etc.

That is a problem.

Try following the ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme Low-Carb approach:

5 or more portions per day of berries and/or non-starchy veg

5 to 10 portions of natural fat

0 to 4 portions of low Gi carbohydrates

2 to 3 portions of protein (fat intact)

2 to 3 portions of whole-fat dairy

When your blood glucose has normalised you may be able to tolerate the Mediterranean approach that has 4 to 8 portions of natural fat (favouring monounsaturates) and 4 to 8 portions of low Gi carbohydrates.

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