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Update: 1-9-2021: DEXCOM


Hi and good afternoon everyone. Here's an update dealing with the sensor that had been removed and the new one put in yesterday evening. Sorry for the delay in posting this, but the time for replacing was after dinner last night and by the time there was a number being shown, at was after 10 pm.

I'm amazed that the sensor had lasted the 10 days since there were a lot of issues for the last two days. At one point, I thought the old sensor was going to fail on its own since it took a while to come back in the afternoon hours. It seemed that every single time I wanted to think about replacing it, then that was when it decided to start working, again. The last time it stopped working, then that's when I finally decided to remove the old sensor and stop it for good so a new sensor that I have on me right now could be used starting overnight for the next ( hopefully) 10 days.

When I have to replace this sensor that was put in last night, I will have to also replace the transmitter for the next 3 months coming up. The one I have for this 3 months is suppose to expire on January 20th and then I have to get rid of it. The battery is still okay, but low. The receiver had flashed a message about the battery life of the transmitter twice yesterday to remind me to change it. Hope the new transmitter will be okay when the time comes.

Well, this is the update for now. More to come very soon. Stay happy, healthy and safe. :-)

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Good morning Leah and good news for once and I hope the new sensor and transmitter work efficiently.Enjoy your day now. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Thank you, Jerry. The alarm went off today early morning and then went back to sleep afterwards after I had a snack. I just got done with another snack of pineapple juice. The numbers keep dropping today. Not sure what is going on with that, but I’m watching the receiver.

Hi Leah, I echo what Jerry has said and hope you're enjoying your day 😁

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Littleboy

Hi Clive,

Good morning! :-)

I'm doing okay now, but I was up earlier than planned this morning and then had gone back to sleep for another hour before breakfast. I also had a quick snack after breakfast since the numbers kept dropping. Today has been very interesting when it comes to the numbers. Not sure why, but I guess it is from the waking and sleeping method ( most of the time my pancreas sleeps and the 1% it wakes up out of nowhere).

Other than my numbers going down, I'm doing great today. :-) How's your day going?

I'm doing ok that tablet I'm taking for Neurolgy is helping a little but it's making me very tired I have also just noticed that half my eye brow is missing on the left eye I get pain not sure if it is connected .

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Littleboy

What does the information sheet say for the medication under side effects? Call your doctor and let them know about the eyebrow and the new pain you're having today this week. See what they say. Sleepiness is a possible side effect for what you're on. It does that to some other people I know that use it. You can also let the doctor know about the drowsiness when you call them. :-)

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