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Blood sugar testing and 14/10 fasting


What is the best time of day to test blood sugars? And does 14/10 intermittent fasting work for diabetics? Does this affect blood sugars for example?

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not sure about the second question, but I was asked to test 5x. Before meals. 2 hours after main meal and just before bed. It was pointed out that just after exercise might give an unexpectedly high reading as glucose will be released to fuel the muscles. I find they're variable. Sometimes the morning test is high or low despite having the same regime the evening before. You dont want to get "the best results" but a true view of what's happening so that you can respond to it.


Did your doctor say to do IF? If not, please contact the doctor and let them know that you are thinking of starting a new diet/exercise routine before you do anything to be on the safe side of things. No one wants anyone getting sick or worse. Please let us know what you find out soon.😀👍🌈

Spoke to the GP about IF. He said that the amount of medication I would have been prescribed by The endocrinologist would have been based on 3 meals a day so it would be a bad idea to alter the amount of food I took in. So i am focusing on 3 meals a day, LCHF, ,LOW SUGAR. No great signs of weight loss yet and my blood sugars are still high. But, I am told, perhaps these changes take time to work through. I am not on medication at the moment.

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What do you eat for each meal?

Not sure what you mean 14/10 but testing blood sugars should be as often as you can.

Type 1 for 44yrs. I have a Libre Sensor and is quick and convenient to use and I test at least 10 times per day.

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With intermittent fasting, there are different times/hours to eat and not to. 14 hours to not eat and 10 to eat. I hope this helps. :-)

Sorry Activity2004, I don’t follow the maths. I don’t do times or ratios, I sort of eat or don’t eat when I wan’t really. I’m If I’m not hungry then I won’t eat because it’s 7pm! As I live on my own I don’t have habitual things in my life.

Like someone who opens their curtains at 8am everyday or goes shopping at a certain time and day of the week; my opinion; I think people who live their life like that are pretty ritualistically sad. I have a neighbour about 500yds away that I can see from my kitchen window and he does just that and he and his wife are very odd.

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The hours for fasting are different for each person.😀👍🌈

But I don’t fast. Eat when I need to and don’t eat when I don’t need or want to. Why does there need to be a formula here? It’s almost living like a robot then surely.

A diabetic doctor at hospital told me 30 odd yrs ago: don’t let diabetes rule your life you rule it.

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Not all Diabetics can do a fasting. If you’re a type 1, then you definitely will have to get a doctor to say that you (in general) can do a fast before starting one. I’m type 1 and I can’t do it, personally. I drop too fast.

I don’t personally instigate a fasting, but sometimes I may just have a cup of black tea in the morning and don’t eat anything until 8pm at night having less insulin obviously, don’t seem to have a problem with that if it happens, but not feeling hungry either so I suppose it’s an involuntary fast even though I don’t fast persé and my sugar levels seem to float around the same figure.


Some info on intermittent fasting re the 14/10 question

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Fasting and Furious group on HU for more information for IF:

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