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Type 1 for 20 yrs. and Friendly

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I have had type 1 diabetes for the last 20 years. I had inherited it from my dad's side of the family. I was diagnosed with IDDM at the age of 10 and am now starting to feel the long term side effects from running high blood sugars. I still struggle to keep myself controlled although it's from being high as I rarely have hypos any more. Want to chat or any questions feel free to ask :)

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Hello and welcome to the group, Ali87. Feel free to continue to post your postings and/or comments, ask questions, take the polls on the Polls Section, read and comment on the other member's comments/postings, and of course, meet the rest of the group members!

Have you seen your doctor about counting carbs for each meal and/or snack?

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Ali87 in reply to Activity2004

Thank you for the warm welcome! And yes I have been on the DAFNE course but find it hard to stick to, but it has helped a lot with the understanding of carb counting and I am better at it than I was a few years ago ☺

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You're welcome! It's good to know that the DAFNE course is helpful for the carb counting.

Hi Ali, Well done for keeping well. I have been T1 since England won the World Cup. Too long in lots of ways. More than 50yrs of sticking pins in ! I like the bit about being friendly too ! Welcome to the forum & ask if you need to please.


I have been diagnosed with type 1 recently, I am 26 and struggling to gain as much knowledge as I can on this. My dr. Suggested me about carb counts as it is very helpful in managing blood sugars.

Hope this helps, if any one having anything new to tell pls feel free to provide new information on this 😊

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suramoStar in reply to Meher15


1) keto / lchf diet

2) insulin lifelong.

Read dr bernstein story. He is on 30 g carbs a day for last so many years.

Good luck to all type 1 diabetics and pray stem cell therapy will succeed.

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Meher15 in reply to suramo

Thanx a lot !!!

Will try it !!

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Ali87 in reply to Meher15

The carbs and cals book or app is brilliant and if you can get on the DAFNE course its really helpful and worth it ☺

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Meher15 in reply to Ali87

Thanks 👍🏼

Please read Dr Richard Bernstein book

Diabetes solution

It will change your life

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Thanx I will try 👍🏼

Hello Ali,

Good to meet you.

I've had Type 1 diabetes for 45 years. I'm amused that Carb[ohydrate] Counting has come back into fashion. Yes, Carb Counting works. It's easy and it won't just help you control your diabetes, it's a good idea for everyone (not just diabetics) to ensure we stay healthy and keep a good figure. So win win.

My diabetes nurse always asks how I manage to keep my weight within half a kilo of the recommended optimum. Easy, Carb Counting helps stick to a healthy diet without resorting to crash diets.

You should definitely keep your blood glucose levels under control, but don't be a slave to your diabetes.

What long-term side effects are you experiencing? I thought I had diabetic neuropathy -- nerve damage causing loss of feeling and false pains in my legs and feet. But then I saw a foot specialist (podiatrist) who told me the loss of feeling and pains were just a symptoms of too high blood sugar. He found this because I could feel when he touched a fibre against the soles of my feet or on my legs. That's despite my feet feeling like I was wearing clay boots.

...got my blood glucose levels down and the problems went away.

Hopefully, you're experiencing the same thing, Ali. Just symptoms of high blood-glucose levels, rather than any permanent damage.

All the very best,


Hello Ali, to say its a pain in the ar-- is an understatement. I have been since being 3. In 1966. Still going strong but full of holes. Its tough at the TOP !

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