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hi am bill from yorkshire i have been on type2 diabetes medication since 1971

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i have been on gliclazide for over 8 years and two weeks ago it stopped working tried me on meltformin the side effects were too much to continue and now my diabetus nurse is trying to find anew tablet to bring down my blood sugars

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Seems to me it'd be easier to control your blood sugar levels through diet than depend on chemical compounds. If you tried that you might be surprised at how healthy you can become. Good luck.

i am working on my diet and exercise

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that is very good keep up the good work

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Hi rburkhart706 

Yes, some people that have an early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes can manage their blood-glucose levels for years by controlling their diet and carbohydrate intake. 

Unfortunately, most people with Type 2 Diabetes do require oral medications or insulin to help with their natural insulin production, especially if they have been living with the condition for years and their beta cell function has diminished and their insulin isn't as effective as it once was. The tablets also do other things like increase cell uptake and suppress or stimulate the release of stored glucose from the liver. Without these medications, their blood-glucose levels would rise to dangerous and life threatening levels. No amount of healthy eating will help. 

People with Type 1 Diabetes "must" inject insulin every day to stay alive. Their bodies have no natural insulin production and without their insulin they would die.

Hope that helps.  

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Type2 diabetes leaflet:


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Wish I could but none of the diabetic nurses ever sit you down and tell you facts proper facts in what and how much you can have in a day. Carbs mostly. Where can I get a second opinion as I am on so many tabs and they want to add insulin in as well. It can't be right. Thank you for reading this. 

Thank you for your message.I think that I should also follow your advice to ask my doctor to change my present medicaments.

Kathirgaman from France

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yorkshire3 in reply to Gamanpk

thanks for the advice Kathirgarman

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Yes you have this silence diabete since 1970 whereas I have since 1994. Do you practice any physical exercise ( 30 minutes at least per day ) ? We have to practice some sort of physical exercice without deeply depending on drugs.Very soon I shall be going to south India to live in mountainside ,good for walking.

Good luck.


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liam45 in reply to yorkshire3

yes good advise should be given

Hi Bill my orob is that my sugars are between 8 and 9 on average. I have been diabetic since 2000. They have me on 4 gliclizide 3 metformin and 1 sitagliptin every day and now they want to add in insulin as well. It's too much but no one will listen to me . Thanks Bill 

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Gamanpk in reply to Ann-T


His old are you please.Do you practice any physical exercise and walking or doing gym.?

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Shakemritte in reply to Ann-T

Hi am shakeel medformine is bad to your health you can take ginger juice in empty stomach it similer  has menformin .medformine serious side effect

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Thank for joining the forum Bill; I hope you find lots of help and support here. Please have a look at the information on our website. drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets. You might like to join us at the next Diabetes Wellness Day North on November 12th. There will be more info on the website soon. If you want to get in touch with events@drwf.org.uk we will send the info to you once everything has been organised.

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Hi Yorkshire3, sorry to hear you have been having issues with your tablets. Unfortunately Type 2 Diabetes is a progressive condition, which means over time people do need to adapt and change their medication to meet the changes in their bodies insulin production or sensitivity. What side effects have you experienced with the Metformin? A lot of people aren't aware that it's a tablet you 'must' take with food in order for it to work. Without food it can cause all sorts of horrible tummy pains and upsets. 

Hi am shakeel I diabetic  3 month  my first test level blood is 20.8  I take menformin for 3week and I stopped totally and I take natural medsine ginger bitter found my health is very good I can not tested my blood . blood test is a big stress and when u stress your blood level upper quiklly

hi I am a types 2 diabetes I are not medication my docter told me if I do the right it will go away I use be 84k now I 76k

I was found to have T2 and was given three months to try diet and exercise or else it was onto the Diabetic Register and pills etc for me.

I discovered an amazing book called Reverse Your Diabetes: The Step-by-Step Plan to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes Paperback – 6 Nov 2014 by Dr David Cavan.

I bought the book, then I bought a blood sugar meter because I had been puzzled as to how I would know if I was improving and once I read the book I realised that without testing I wasn't going to know.

The diet recommended by my diabetes specialist nurse was the 'carbs with everything'diet and as soon as I got the blood sugar meter and started using it as described in the book I realised that my nice healthy wholemeal bread and other grain based carbs, my lovely healthy jacket potato and salad lunch and an awful lot of the 'healthy' stuff I was eating were absolute no-nos for me.

I kept a spreadsheet and recorded and tested everything I ate as shown in the book and by the end of the three months my HbA1c was well below the limit and I have lost about three stones with no effort or calorie counting. I really can't recommend the book highly enough and other people I have told about it are having similar success so I'd say it is definitely worth a try. You've got to do it properly, no forbidden snacking. I totally cut out junk food and fizzy drinks and I also stepped up my exercise - I try to get 10000 steps a day at least four days a week and have a good walk, go to the gym or do Pilates on the days I don't get the 10K steps.

I have to say I was totally dedicated, I did not want to end up taking pills or even worse for me because I'm a lifelong needle phobic - injecting.

I also found these websites

diabetes.co.uk and dietdoctor.com

There is a bit of a difference to T1 &T2 diabetes. T1 your pancreas does not work T2 it could work 40% or 80%. Being active helps anyone !

There is indeed. T1 people have no option but to keep on with the medicines.

I hadn't though about T2 people having varying degrees of a working pancreas but that makes sense.

I consider myself really lucky to have managed to reverse my T2. I know - or I'm pretty sure - that if I revert back to my old carbohydrate heavy lifestyle then I will become T2 again. Being active is the secret too.

Good for you Fruitandnutcase (I like the name). People can help themselves like you. Well done !

Gives you a little bit of a hint as to how I became T2 doesn't it.

I've not had any F&N at all since I was diagnosed T2. I have the odd square of very dark chocolate and it doesn't seem to do much damage but F&N is in my past although I have to say I haven't eaten it and tested my blood sugar, I imagine it wouldn't be a good idea though because I used to be able to polish off a whole bar in a flash so I would end up eating much more than just one square.

Funnily enough it's anything grain based that causes my blood to spike. I discovered that I can have a bit of pavlova and it hasvery little effect on my blood sugar yet a single oatcake spikes it enormously.

Doesn't make sense really and it's nice to be able to have the option of something like that every now and again but I'd rather be able to tuck into a nice thick slice of wholemeal or granary bread with butter and raspberry conserve - yum - or a lovely fluffy fruit scone but alas I know it just isn't worth it :(

Now that is fascinating thank you.Long ago my weight rocketed from 9st 7lbs at 5ft 10 to 19stone.

I could not lose weight tried everything. Read the caveman diet and cut out grains of every sort and lost 10 stone in 1 year.

I was fixated. Dedicated and determined.

You have just reminded me of this.

I am now 62 next week overweight at 16 stone heart attack in July and quite poorly. Diabetes out of control asthma hip and knee knackered !!!! Rock bottom.

I just read your post and a light bulb went on in my head. How could I forget. Grains. Of course. Thank you 🙂

Don’t know if I said anywhere that I bought a book on ‘How to Reduce Your T2’ by Dr David Cavan. That was my bible. I followed it to the letter.

Ps. Are you Bloodgroup O by any chance ?

Yes, O+.

I regularly have porridge for my breakfast. Slow release of carbs. Then off to work. No probs. I keep away from high carbs & might have the odd sweet thing but I am pleased I don't really like sweet stuff. Being T1 for 51yrs might have something to do with that. Good luck !

Hello & welcome Bill. That's a fair long time since the 70s. I have been T1 since 1966. Its hard work at times but keep giving it your best. Have you tried Low Carbs diet ? Good luck if you do & that's what I would do.

Hi Bill. I have two of my good friends now OFF all there T2 medications. Less carbs would really help & keeping active is really good for anyone. Good luck

Hi yorkshire3. Going for a simple walk can help. Carbs do the damage so try your best to eat lower carb foods. Good luck

Endocrinologists say, taking secretagogue (pills that force pancreas to secrete more insulin overtime, gliclazide, glimepiride etc) will wear out your pancreas faster, so it is better to take exogenous insulin (injection) if you would prefer taking medicine than controlling your diet

IV been on metformin for 3 mths my body has just got use to them IV been on sick for 2 mths I had all the side effects but been okay for the last week having bloods done next week hoping number's have gone down loads or i will have to have yet another tablet

Just do this thing every day walk 3 km or 6000 metre every day drink lot of water 2 L every day you up milk tea give up Chicken chips give up pizzas give up fish and chips give up oily food please try to drink green tea grilled chicken Grill fish vegetable fruits and salad swimming swimming 2 time in month and Steam and sauna Bath 2 time a month everything will be ok thank you good luck my sugar used to be 15.8 after doing these things my sugar is 5.8 please try these things thank you

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