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Looking for some advice

Hi everyone I have been recently having episodes of shakiness and feeling very tired and no energy. I thought it was to do with low blood sugar as i am not diabetic but whenever I have felt like this and had my sugars tested it's always been in normal range? I am a little lost on what tests to ask for because I don't know what could be causing It

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if blood sugars are coming back normal that would rule out diabetes - as on an earlier post there are a large number of conditions that can causethe symptoms you mention - have you had test for

a) folate deficiency

b) B12 deficiency

c) iron deficiency

d) thyroid.

Sometimes the sytmptoms that you mention can genuinely be the result of anxiety.


I've had my iron and thyroids tested but not the other two


Go to doctors tell them symptoms.

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I have they don't seem to say anything about it


go back and insist on a response. They work for you not the other way around. Tell them you are really worried it is not the normal you and you want to know what's wrong. I had flu this year after 3 months and I still couldn't breath properly I shook the doctor by his collar (playfully) and charged him with fixing me. I had Pneumonia. My persistence found this.


What is your age


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