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Advice for prediabetes

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I have recently been diagnosed with prediabetes. Unfortunately I have a number of other medical conditions which may or may not be linked to prediabetes. I was taken off a long term antibiotic - colomycin, which was treating bronchiectasis, a lung disease, as there was a possibility it had given me a form of neuropathy. I have to wait for 3 months before seeing my consultant to see if it has improved. It hasn't

! I also understand that diabetics may develop neuropathy too. So Is it likely that this neuropathy in my hands and feet can be experienced even though I'm not a full blown diabetic but so far just prediabetic? I would welcome any advice from members.

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Just referring to being prediabetic. I became prediabetic also, 2+ years ago. My doc put me on a low carb / keto diet and I am now just normal, nowhere near pre-diabetic. The surgery I go to say that they have 80+% success rate with this approach. If you're interested there is a form called LCHF on HealthUnlocked where there's masses of advise.


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Lucky you with regard to your surgery. He neuropathic pains are awful. Do you have these too? Thanks for replying.

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No haven't got any pains at all, glad to say. Must be dreadful. Hope you get a solution.

Hi RoadRunner44 if you have taken antibiotics for a long period of time they kill all the bacteria in our guts good bad and ugly so I'd speak to your consultant about taking probiotics as they quickly replace the gut bacteria and promote a healthy gut flora.

Pre-diabates is a growing problem and on the Healthy Eating forum we have a pre-diabtetic. Topic section, please see:

Activity2004 is admin on here and HE so you're in good company on both groups. And one of our members has reduced her blood sugar levels so in a year is no longer in the pre-diabetic blood range. So we are actively trying to prevent diabetes in the first instance.

My advice is take things gradually one day and one meal at a time and if you can combine eating well for you with exercise then you will reap the rewards.

Good luck to you and it's important that you understand that you are not alone.

Jerry. 😊

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Thank you for your excellent advice. Do you know anything about these awful neuropathic pains I am experiencing? I find it difficult concentrating on the other aspects of prediabetes as these pains dominate my life at the moment. What happens if I still have the pains after 3 months. Will I be treated as a prediabetic patient with neuropathy? How is this dealt with? Im a bit concerned to say the least.

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Hi RoadRunner44 I don't so here a couple of links and I think that this group would be of interest to you,

And here's a link to related posts across the spectrum of HU platforms:

Good luck and I hope you find the answers you're looking for, as I know how debilitating this can be.

Jerry 😊

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Has your doctor referred you to a Neurologist for the neuropathy pain?

No, my doctor wants to wait until the three months is up.

My lung consultant is unsure if the pains I am experiencing may be the result of being on the antibiotic colomycin for too long without stopping (I was lost in the system so continued nebulizing it until she stopped it in December). The consultant took me off the colomycin in December and hopes the possible side effects will disappear by March. So far they haven't disappeared.

My GP wants to wait for a further report from the lung consultant before proceeding further.

I also have kidney disease which I believe can also cause neuropathic pain possibly linked to prediabetes.

It's all a lot to take in and I just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Did you check out the Kidney Disease group on HU?

Did you get told to call your doctor if the symptoms don’t disappear before the next appointment?

Thanks, I'll check out the forum to see if anyone can help.

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You’re welcome! Please let us know what you find out soon.😀👍

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I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last August . I refused medication and was shocked into changing my diet! I cut out all sugar, complex carbohydrates and any processed food. Within a month the pains in my knees, feet, and hands had disappeared. Prior to my diagnosis I was attending hospital for arthritis and was about to have an operation for carpal tunnel which I no longer need. I can’t begin to tell you how well I feel - 4.5 stones lighter, more energy and pain free! Good luck

I was diagnosed as having pre-diabetes several months ago. It frightened the life out of me as I know a lot about Diabetes complications as my son has several of these.

I joined Weight Watchers on-line and reversed the condition. Added bonus is that I have lost nearly 2 stone since early April, Every blood test I have taken since I started WW has been at the bottom end of the healthy range.

The ICS-Diabetes Prevention Programme has a Mediterranean approach including an equal number of 4 to 8 portions each of carbohydrate and natural fat per day.

To lower blood glucose they have a low-carb approach of less than 4 portions of carbohydrate per day, and 5 to 10 portions of natural fat.

Intermittent fasting is suitable for some.

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