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Peripheral neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy yes i have sensory motor axonal peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes what would you like to know

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Have you tried a low-carbohydrate, higher natural fat approach similar to that of the ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme?

Yes kept my weight in check exercised regular doesnt stop it how bad is yours

God willing I don't have any ailments. It's not about weight loss per se; all carbohydrate is sugar to our bodies. For most people, 120g per day of low-Gi carbohydrate is an adequate amount, so if you have more than that, the excess of insulin that is necessary to cope is at least as hazardous as high blood glucose.

Do you have any symptoms

No sorry; I post here because I want to prevent people suffering unnecessarily in the way my Mam did.

God bless you.

Its too late for me but i help if i can how bad was youre mam

She's passed away a good few years now. Mam was diagnosed in the early 1970s, when diabetes was still very rare. Then they started her on the 'low-fat' weight loss nonsense. I still remember the frustration of her soaring blood glucose, when she had only had a jacket potato. Dad, Mam and I, all puzzled over what was she supposed to eat?

It's not just the ill-health that continues, but the lowering of expectations of how effective healthy eating can truly be.

X-PERT Health are now educating people through the ICS-NHS DPP, praise be to God.

My prayer is that people become aware that this is the healthy way to eat, not only for people with pre-diabetes, but also in avoiding many other of our chronic ill-health conditions.

Thanks for talking to me but im afraid its too late for me ive got all the nasty symptoms

I hope God gives you the strength of heart to give it a go. Even if things are irreparable, it will slow the progression.

5 to 10 portions per day of natural fat, favouring monounsaturates

5 plus portions of berries and/or non-starchy veg

0 to 4 portions of low-Gi carbohydrates

2 to 3 portions of protein (fat intact)

2 to 3 portions of full-fat dairy

You never know, you might even enjoy it!

God be with you.

Hello, As I have peripheral neuropathy and am pre-diabetic could you tell me how the doctors decided it was due to the diabetes? Also would you be able to explain the feeling of the neuropathy you experience and how is it treated. Any other information would be so helpful. Thanks

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Hi i sent a reply did you get it if not i will do it again

If pre-diabetic --should NOT be an issue with Periphery Neuropathy --

Also known as PAD -- Peripheral Artery Diseases.

You may want to have an ABI test doen and check with neurologist for root cause.

Mostly symptoms are tingling and slight vibration in lower part of feet or back side of lower legs muscles. Some people may also get burning sensations in lower legs - feet ( toes ) and some people get in hands also.

What is your A1C ??

Best is to take sugar readings five or six times aday for a week.

You may have sugar spikes --over 180 or 200 that lasts for 30 minutes or longer.

Thanks for replying. I certainly have the symptoms you describe. Firstly what is an ABI test? Until I see my lung specialist in about 2 months time my GP won't do anything further until then. They need to know (by eliminating colomycin from my system) that it is that causing my symptoms or maybe because I'm prediabetic with kidnypey disease. We will all know more, I hope at the end of the three months I will have been off this medication.

I don't know what AC1 means. If you could let me know I'll ask at my next appointment.

Thanks again.

dont worry - it may not be diabetes related. Follow your doctors advise

Thanks anyway.

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Glad you got my reply with this illness everyone is different i hope i helped but the disease can manifest in many different ways hope you get yours sorted and stable soon

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Buckie

No, I didn't get your reply Buckie. Please send again if you can.

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Hi basically your doctor will take your word for it about your symptoms and can diagnose straight away He can perform a filament test on yor feet which will give him a good idea i have had nerve conduction tests which are conclusive proof of what you have .My symptoms are burning stinging tingleing with pins and needles in hands legs arms and feet with dull aching flu like pains and sharp jabbing pains in rest of body and legs which arevworse at night and i cant stand bed clothes on me can be painful wen touching me hope this i get a lot of numbness especially in my feet and hands i cant feel pain from sharp objects and i cant tell tempertures hot or cold can be dangerous.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Buckie

Well, I get the pins and needles in my hands and feet. The stabbing pains fairly frequently in parts of my body including legs. Thank goodness I still feel pain and can feel different temperatures. I still don't know how they will know what causes it though. Thanks so much for the information. I'm trying to build on my basic understanding.

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Its ok its good i can help someone know there not alone if you need any more help dont hesitate to contact me all the best . forgot to ask are you having any balance problems can be annoying almost make you feel drunk🥴

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Buckie

There's been a few times I've felt I've moved a bit too quick. but not that often.

If I think of anything else I'd like some advice on I'll get in touch. Thanks again.

Usually Vitamin B complex - specially B Benfonite helps -- also there is foot massager available- vibration principal - to relive and improve blood circulation.

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