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New diagnosis of prediabetes

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Evening everyone! Just joined this forum but have been on the British Lung Foundation forum for a good few years. Ive just been diagnosed as above - Hb1Ac = 44. Probably steroid induced as I have severe copd, asthma and bronchiectasis which has required a large amount of IV hydrocortisone for pneumonia, plus regular daily steroid inhaler for many years.

Im 73, not overweight (BMI 20.4) but have a waist measurement of 36" so probably internal fat as well. I use ambulatory oxygen for exertion, e.g. walking, bike riding etc but don't need it for lifting weights which I do at least twice a week. A lot of the advice Ive read seems to be about weight loss but I cant afford to lose any more.

I have a good diet, 5 a day, whole grains, fish, chicken. Sometimes whole grain toast with jam, plus slice of cake 2/3 x week. Since dx last week, Ive cut the jam, cake and have lost around 3 lbs which I really dont need.

Id love to reverse this but not sure what to do as Im not overweight, eat well and exercise. I can bump up the exercise but not sure what else I can do. Any advice warmly welcomed.

Best wishes to everyone and thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hello, Your post heading mentions prediabet. Do you mean you have been told to lose weight because you have prediabetes? You are obviously aware of having a good diet. I am interested as I have recently been diagnosed with it.

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O2Trees in reply to RoadRunner44

Hi RR, no, the opposite - Ive been told not to lose any more weight. And if I cut out carbs which I just tried, I DO lose weight.

I too am coming to terms with this and read that it can be reversed. Im trying to work out what I might be able to do to get into reverse gear.

What i meant in my post is that there seems to be little advice for people who need to keep their weight up - most seems to be about losing weight which is not what I need.

How are you getting on since being diagnosed?

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RoadRunner44 in reply to O2Trees

Hi again. I also have bronchiectasis like you. However it was a shock when I was told I was pre diabetic. I am still having tests . The latest is I have been called into the doctors again as there is an abnormality in my recent cholestrol blood test. I am wondering now what this can be. I have to lose weight but not much help so far. I have joined Diabetes UK and found lots of advice . You can ask them questions too. So go ahead and see if they can give you some advice. Keep in touch.

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O2Trees in reply to RoadRunner44

I will RoadRunner, thanks :)

I remember you from the BLF forum. I want to know what implications there are with having prediabetes AND copd and bronch (which is secondary to copd). Diet is quite hard for me as I cant eat much dairy as it produces too much gunk in my throat and impedes breathing. Plus I have haemochromotosis, a genetic iron overload condition, and have to limit foods which contain a lot of iron. So working it all out is quite a challenge.

But Ive already found a lot of good info here.

Hope your cholesterol abnormality isnt too serious - good luck :)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to O2Trees

Welcome to the group! What are your blood sugars? When you’re having higher blood sugars, a person is going to loose weight. Lower numbers, you will gain weight because you’re using your food correctly.😀👍

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O2Trees in reply to Activity2004

Well I didnt know that! I have to rush out now, only just seen, but will come back to it later in the day. Many thanks for your response Activity. :)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to O2Trees

You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure to be able to help.😀👍

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O2Trees in reply to Activity2004

I dont think I know my blood sugars. The test I had was the Hb1Ac which was 44, after being 40 in April. That seemed a bit of a big leap to me.

My GP says she will test again in January.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to O2Trees

Do you have a home blood testing kit for blood sugars?

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O2Trees in reply to Activity2004

No - is that the one which does a finger prick?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to O2Trees

Yes. You can always ask your doctor for a prescription for a kit and the supplies you will be getting at the pharmacy.

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O2Trees in reply to Activity2004

Thank you :) :)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to O2Trees

You're welcome. When you get a prescription from your doctor's office for the kit and supplies, see which one would be easier for you to use and is covered. Some insurance companies don't cover all brands of Diabetes supplies.

I'm so sorry.

The ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme has a low-carb approach to bring down your blood glucose naturally. It is five + portions of berries and non-starchy veg per day, 5 to 10 portions of natural fat, 0 to 4 portions of low Gi carbohydrates, 2 to 3 portions of protein (fat intact), and 2 to 3 portions of full-fat dairy.

When your blood glucose has normalised without medication, you may be able to tolerate the Mediterranean approach that differs with 4 to 8 portions of natural fat and 4 to 8 portions of low Gi carbohydrate.

God bless you!

Thanks for all the suggestions StillConcerned. At the moment Im leaving out the occasional cakes and biscuits, substituting jam with peanut butter and less wholegrains and that's about all. I cant eat much dairy as it makes me choke which is scary and unhelpful but of course that would help keep my weight up.

Im just getting used to it and reading all the helpful suggestions here. Thanks for your reply and hope you're doing ok :)

Sponge cake, for example, is a low Gi carbohydrate so you could sometimes have a small piece containing 30g of carbohydrate as two of your carbohydrate portions.

Gosh!! Id never have thought that. Unfortunately it's not a cake I like. I need to make friends with the GI index, must print one off.

You can get the Diogenes database from Diabetes UK, or there is the University of Sydney's

Brilliant - thanks :)

Please note the gold standard is glycaemic-load (GL) which is equal to the Gi divided by 100, multiplied by the available carbohydrate (grammes). It might sound complicated, but it really isn't, especially when you get used to your favourites.

Another way of tackling it is to stick to less than 130g of carbohydrate per day, choosing low Gi options.

Don't follow the advice to eat little and often. Everytime we eat we raise insulin levels. Two or three meals per day (with no snacking) are better.

May God be with you.

That's great, thank you :)

You are 73 years young - dont worry too much.

There is No Such thing as Pre Diabetes. Either you have Diabetes OR you dont.

Only way to know is A1C test.

You can cut carbohydrate - -- and increase execrcises - walking and swimming.

I am 7 - BMI - 18 - skinny --- T2 Diabetes for over 20 years

Thanks Fatbuddy - that's very reassuring. :)

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