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Can you help NICE develop guidance for the NHS on diabetes?

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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is updating our guidance on diabetes.

We're looking for people with an understanding of diabetes and the issues important to patients, people using services and unpaid carers to join the committee that will draft NICE's recommendations for this topic. Having you there will help to ensure the guidance is reflective of the experience and needs of people.

We're specifically looking to people with experience of either of the following:

- Type 1 diabetes

- Type 2 diabetes

- Diabetes in children and young people (types 1 and 2)

- Diabetes in pregnancy

The recruitment advert is here:

This explains more about the role, the commitment required and what we can offer to help you take part, including expenses, attendance fees, training, and support. If there are any questions please get in touch by emailing or calling 0161 870 3020.

Thank-you for reading, and do get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss.

Mark, Public involvement team at NICE

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I have been T1 for 53years plus. I am on two committees for Duk. A "Patient Leader". A ppi rep & have never been unemployed in my life. Well done to NICE !

find it depressing that it is all about type 1 and type 2 ...

I know its rare but it's MODY that affects my family - dominant gene so if you have it you develop diabetes - I don't have the gene - my brother does - but GPs so fixated on 1 and 2 (and so poor in understanding them) that the strain we have (onset 30-45) gets labeled as type 2 and mistreated as a result.

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HOBIEONE in reply to Gambit62

A T1 pancreas does NOT work a T2 could work 70% ?

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Gambit62 in reply to HOBIEONE

not sure what you are saying Hobione - MODY isn't type 2 - its closer to type 1 but it isn't type 1 either. I don't understand exactly what the effect on the pancreatic functions of each of the different genetic variants - I think there are over a dozen that have been identified. My understanding of the variant that runs in my family is that pancreatic function stops over time rather than stopping suddenly but it is definitely pancreatic function that is stopping.

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HOBIEONE in reply to Gambit62

I would love to be a T2 because there is something that you can do about it ? T1 it does NOT work. Give it a go Gambit. Two of my friends have.

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Gambit62 in reply to HOBIEONE

again, I don't understand what you are trying to say - MODY isn't type 2 - its a dominant gene and closer to type 1 - just that the strain in my family is one where the pancreas just shuts down over time. I didn't inherit the gene so it isn't a direct issue for me. My brother did and had huge problems because his diabetes was assumed to be type 2 and just would not respond to drugs or changes in diet because it wasn't type 2.

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