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Can you recommend some good foot/leg creams for very dry skin of a person with Diabetes, please?

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What are some recommendations of foot/leg creams to help very dry skin of a person with Diabetes? Thank you.

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If you are in the UK then I would recommend Boots intensive care foot cream for dry skin - it certainly does the trick for me - so much so that I actually use it on my face as well to keep my skin really soft

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Lexie26 in reply to Gambit62

Great. Thank you. I'll give that a go.

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HannahB10 in reply to Gambit62

I'll have to try the Boots one! 😁

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burgerlady in reply to Gambit62

I live in the US and diabetics often use Boots here too. You should try that.

Flexitol is very good...and specifically for diabetics. But it is expensive

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Lexie26 in reply to HannahB10

Thank you. Yes, I have had it before and found it to be very good.


I have a cream called katseye blends,

Its totally herbal and no parabens/MEA/DEA

I have very dry skin an my feet and legs and itching.

This cream is fantastic and actually is made from ancient recipes.

My elbows and knees were dry and cracking, a few days of the SSM cream or the plain moisturiser and what a difference it makes.

Good luck

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Lexie26 in reply to mrdarcy1

Thank you.

Small detail: don’t leave cream between the toes.

Coconut oil and olive oil.

Of course, most important is to control carb intake

My gp prescribes zeroderm for me. I didn’t like it at first but it works brilliantly and if you have to buy it a tub is quite nice and cheap.

I find GlucoRX Allpresan very good for me and it doesn't leave a sticky mess.

Available at most pharmacies

Diabetic Footmender is fantastic Its expensive but if in uk you should be able to get it on prescription. You notice a difference after just one application.