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Hello everyone. Hope you are all keeping well. I'm new to the diabetes forum. I was tested for retinopathy a few weeks ago and has come that I have it slightly in both eyes. Please could anyone explain what it is in a bit more detail than was in my letter. Love and hugs to you all Lynne xxxx

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Dont worry Lynn -- it is curable . Doctor should advise for treatment.

Manage your sugar spikes - very hard to do if you are working.

Retinopathy- is where your retina ( behind eyes ) gets swollen - and over time

starts leaking blood in to eye- which can make a person go blind. but regular eye check up - can detect it early and can be treated. Most insurance covers it - at least 80 %. Doctor

injects a medicine in eyes - in corner muscles that will reduce swelling.

Best is to control sugar spikes. Do NOT depend on A1C alone. Monitor your self- two hours after lunch and dinner- if sugar is over 150 -- check what you ate and try to reduce carb food, reduce daily carbs intake to less than 100 grams per day.

Also take one table spoon - raw organic apple cider vinegar with warm water ( 4 to 6 oz ) and drink 15 - 20 minutes before major meal,


Thank you so much. Hope you are ok . Take care Lynne


couple of articles that may be useful



big messages to take away as per Fatbuddy

a) it is treatable

b) the best thing you can do is to make sure that you are controlling your blood sugars properly.


Thank you so much. Hope you are ok. Take care Lynne


I do have RETINOPATHY -- for over 4 years now. Have taken injections in both eyes

for 9 months - then stopped and started again this week.

Please join Diabetes India --in this forum and learn more about LCHF diet and how to control diabetes,


Thank you so much for the info. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx



join this forum - spend 3 or 4 hours per day for next 30 days -- learn all about diabetes and how to control sugar spike and what toe at - LCHF diet -- It has helped Type 1 also - being in USA - if you eat meat- very easy to follow LCHF

NO processed foods, NO can foods, NO donuts, no pizzas, no sodas, no ice cream - no sweets - no bagels - no breads -


Thank you so much. Our sons cook everything from scratch which is great. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx


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