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Got my second hba1c test report!!


Hi All,

Hope you are doing good!

Today, I got my second hba1c test report and value came back as 5.7%. Three months before it was 5.9%.

In the last 3 months, I have reduced my weight from 89 kg to 75 kg. My target is 68 kg.

I was expecting that my hba1c value will be somewhere around between 5 to 5.3%, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Better luck next time.

I met with my Endocrinologist and she told me that anything below 6% would be considered as normal. As per her, I am not a prediabetic, but last time I was very close to it.

I would like to thank all of you for your support & suggestions. You were always there for me whenever I needed your support.

Thank you so much guys!!

Will wait for your replies.

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Congratulations for successfully reducing HbA1c and body fat. Wish you all the best in your journey to losing weight further.

Dishant in reply to Praveen55

Thanks for your kind words brother!!


You should know your IR. Get your fasting blood sugar and ppbs done with s insulin assay from the same samples.

Dishant in reply to suramo

Thanks for your reply sir. I have already done all these tests as you asked me to do the same last time somewhere around 1 and a half months back. So, do you want me to go for all these tests again?

As for my FBS is concerned, only for once I found it to be 105 in the last 3 months. My maximum PP count was 135 after 40 minutes of my dinner.

suramoStar in reply to Dishant

Your numbers are good but should know if you are developing ir. Let's know your reports again esp fbs ppbs along with s insulin levels.

Dishant in reply to suramo

Ok sir, will go for these tests.


Congratulations on the fantastic work so far, Dishant! Keep it up! :-)

Dishant in reply to Activity2004

Thank you dear!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dishant

You're welcome! :-) How's it going?

hey can you say what you have done to reduce your hb1c level? need help

Dishant in reply to shanta123

Ok, let me know what is your current hba1c count.

It is very simple u have to reduce your weight at any cost.

Completely Avoid white rice, potatoes, junk food, fried items and starchy foods.

And last but not the least do some stretching, pranayam, running, swimming, do brisk walk for an hour or at least for 40 minutes minimum 5 days in a week.

Don't take any stress, do what you like.

shanta123 in reply to Dishant

Thanks Dishant.... i dont eat white rice, potatoes...sometimes fried food....i was amazed the HB1c was 12 . this was recently. due to a broken ankle i dont really exercise...stress... definitely there is stress. Can we talk by email?

Dishant in reply to shanta123

Sure, u can write me a message by PMing on HU.

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