I know this is earlier than usual for my updates on how it is going with using the DEXCOM, but since I'm going to be busy as a bee this weekend, I know there wouldn't be any time to type this out for you all. So, here is my update! I hope this helps.

Last night around 7 pm, my numbers started to drop below 80 mg/dl. There wasn't any good reason for this to be happening because I accidentally ate more carbs. at dinner than I thought I had done and took 17 units to cover the food from my dinner out. I had waldorf salad with potato salad, a steak and some spaghetti squash. All of these foods were very carby, but by the time I got home, my numbers were either 75 and under. The DEXCOM went RED until I ate 2 and a 1/2 bottles of cranberry juice with a meal bar by Power Bar brand and my usual 9:30 bed time snack (another bar from another brand). The odd thing is, my DEXCOM NEVER made music after showing that I was 80. Not sure why this happened, but when I have more time, I will look into this matter and see what I can do so you all will know the answer, as well. Worst part is, I never felt low. I just knew I needed to eat and drink something. By the time it was bed time for me, I wasn't hungry for anything else. Lucky me, I didn't need more food at 10 pm or we would have been in trouble because there wouldn't have been any room left to put anything.

Today, my numbers stayed in the 200's so far. No lows to speak of, yet, but I'm going to keep an eye open just in case since I plan to do some knitting after I post this posting for you. My knitting is at 2 pm. If the numbers seem to be dropping on the DEXCOM, I'm going to have a small snack.

More later!

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  • I dislike eating out or eating at others but can not avoid social interaction and it's nice to ave a meal out. Just a pain because you must be so careful. I stick to steak as you did or fish with out sauce fresh veggies, no carb's-sometimes a 1/2 potato.

    I do not shot the number of units you do I have to be careful I'm so insulin sensitive. I crash so fast I can have a midnight cereal and be below 80 easy. I have to keep my glucose tabs next to my bed.

  • Cereal won't be enough for me at bed time.

  • Activity I may only shot 2 at dinner or none and still drop. Anything more than cereal would have over 200 and my alarm going off for high. Double edge sword, some dinners that are very high carb I do 3 like pasta but that is Dreamfield- and truly does not effect me to much. Normally stay with 2 units.

    What do you have at bedtime and what are your numbers?

  • Lately, my numbers after dinner have been crazy low. Mainly near 70 and below. I had some juice and a few bars before bed last night. It eventually got back up to a number that was above 80, but I can't keep having this happen since I eventually won't want to eat much-- or have any room. Like my posting had said. Not sure what I'm going to do if this keeps up. Any suggestions?

  • Doesn't that indicate your carb/insulin ratio isn't quite right? Try raising the ratio a little. This will reduce the insulin given and therefore not drop your glucose level so much.

  • Falling in love with your Dexcom just think of life without it and your numbers. Your insulin shot before dinner drops you and I show these numbers myself and go ahead and eat my bedtime snack. It is scary! We did not know these numbers before I've been on mine for 1 1/2 and would never part with it. Some days it has to do with exercise or stress or just your meal itself. Start logging these things it will give you some feedback.

    Have a good day,

  • That's what I have been doing, but it still seems to surprise all of us here at the house when the numbers go down so low for no explanation and we have me do a lower dose of insulin here and there.

  • The life of a diabetic! Now you have the Dexcom and it will give you the feedback you need, I even forgot to mention how emotions play into numbers. It has surprised us at this house often by my wandering numbers, with such insulin senstive nature.

    Keep you head up and log see if that helps.

  • The ACCORD study established that hyperinsulinaemia is more dangerous than hyperglycaemia to health.

  • Concerned she is a newbie and the DEXCOM is new and the # reflections she never had reference points besides finger sticks. So the ups and downs will happen she needs to find what causes these things in her diet or activities. Your comment is correct though.

  • I'm sorry. I might be a little confused. What happened??

  • A reply to Concerns to her reply to you. The hyper and hypo #'s.

  • Thank you so much for straightening that out for me! That makes more sense now.

  • I'm surprised when you say that all food (waldorf, steak, spaghetti squash) was all carby as I'd say there was very little carbs in most of it. The steak will be neglible and spaghetti squash is only a few grammes per 100g. Even the Waldorf salad doesn't seem too bad.

  • I will have to see what happens tonight.

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