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LCHF Diet-- Are we eating the Healthy fats??


As a part of LCHF diet , we aim at eating 60-70% of our daily calories from Fat.

Saturated fats is supposed to be the most preferred form of fats which most LCHF practitioners follow by eating cheese , egg, full fat Dairy fats, coconut etc .

But LCHF practitioners also resort to consuming a lot of extra virgin olive oil which basically consists of MUFA-mono unsaturated Fatty acid ( Olive oil contains 75 % MUFA ) and claim benefits.

Similarly LCHF experts recommend eating omega 3 fatty acid which is Alpha Linolenic Acid. It is an classified as EFA- essential fatty acid and it gets converted in to EPA and DHA which is proven to have anti- inflammatory properties and CV benefits. The only issue with ALA is that the conversion efficiency in human body is poor, though ALA seems to have standalone benefits for us. Experts recommend to eat the fatty fish such as Tuna, Mackerel, anchovies and salmon etc to get your dose of EPA/ DHA or simply take fish oil supplements. EPA/ DHA , ALA are nothing but PUFA. Nevertheless, we especially the vegans and vegetarians practising LCHF keep eating walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds as a source of ALA omega 3.

At the same time we don't recommend veg oils such as Sunflower , Soyabin, Safflower, peanut oil as these contain PUFA (omega 6) which are unstable in cooking.

My question to our LCHF Experts:

Given the fact that SFA, MUFA, Omega 3 PUFA are all considered healthy fats - what should be the ideal ratio of healthy fats we should be consuming among all the three - SFA, MUFA and omega 3- PUFA ???

If any science based study/ trials has been conducted to figure out the effects of consuming these healthy fats in different ratio's on HBA1C and lipid profile ????

Request your views if you had any personal experience or you come across any science based study.