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Difference between the Keto diet and Diabetic diet

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My son has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, having been prediabetic for quite a while. He also has mild kidney damage that he was unaware of until a few weeks ago. His wife, a nurse, is persuading him to follow the Keto diet, which she will also follow because she would like to lose weight. How alike are the two diets? Are they both equally as good. As nice as my daughter in law is, I don't want to interfere or comment at this point, it's not my place to...but I would like any information that any of you might have regarding this. I find Health Unlocked so helpful regarding my own health issues, so this site was a natural 'turn to' for me! Thank you in advance for any answers that you post.

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I put my type 2 in remission 4 years ago by going low carb, not keto

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Thank you for your reply KJ. I have to admit that I was thinking that was the way to go. Kx

My advice is don’t comment or interfere, any illness is hard enough to deal with with out family interference. I have diabetes IBS angina and have had family member comment and interfere in my health, I know they think they are helping but trust me they are not, they say what they think is the right thing but they don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, my wife has supported me 100% through all my issues but there are still people who say she could do more but they don’t see how she is helping me when they are not there. When you have an illness you want support not arguments

Thank you Boxroad, for your reply. I'm not intending to interfere...nothing would be worse, I have a really good relationship with both my son and my daughter in law which I would not wish to jeopardise. I am sorry to hear that people are being so negative regarding your wife's input. That is thelast thing that either of you need and I would imagine that it makes you angry. I'm sure that you support each other in every way you can. Take care, Thank you again, God Bless, K.

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