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Not just the diabetes but now with Multiple Myeloma


In short, I have worked hard to keep my control over my T2 diabetes having suffered from it for 33 years. Now I have been further diagnosed through blood testing that I am a Multiple Myeloma case and requires a plethora of drugs and blood thinners, steroids and aggressive treatment. I have gotten over the heartache in the first 24 hours and motoring on with aggressive treatment because I have a great attitude to my condition, eat healthy and conduct a lot of fitness in my week. And, I got a sense of humour in the facing of all of this. My hill climb just got steeper and so I continue to climb to the top of that hill where we finally meet our judgement day - (how long is a piece of string?). Time is precious and so are many friendships in one's community. I shall be here from time to time to continue to help and motivate others but for the constant appointments I am pleased that I have such a resourceful and alert team. I feel fast tracked until my MRI Scan which should hold all the necessary information that we are waiting for. My wife has been a super carer and made a spreadsheet for the drugs and injections. This was not easy to talk about, but I am now feeling confident and comfortable in my fight. I cannot be cured but I can be treated and still have a quality of life. I have had my bone marrow biopsy and next month will have a full picture. Sometimes we have to widen our focus on our health. Hope this is useful to some of you out there.

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I had a different cancer (esophageal) , am a Type 1 but I am an 11 year survivor, and have been diabetic for over 32 years. I wish you all the best.


Sorry to hear this - that is a lot to cope with. I am glad your wife is there, and that you have a good health team.

Sounds like you feel you are coping now, but don't be afraid to ask for support.

Happy 33 birthday Ifn1. Well done & keep at it please.

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