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Seven months down the line

Hi All

I am seven months down the line from being diagnosed with Diabetes type 2. Initially it was a great shock and I listened to the nurse and followed her recommendations. Since then my blood sugar level has halved. Now I find complacency being to take hold, I am not down at the level required with my blood sugar and find that the magnitude of the condition is/has faded.

Other forums I have been on focus on self testing, my nurse does not reccomend this as the levels will be going up and down and anyway (she says) the results are not reliable. So I find the way I find that my controlling is working is when I have a blood test at the doctors!

I consider myself out of control as I cannot monitor what certain foods do or don't do to me. I have considered rejecting their advise of not testing and buying my own. But one little niggle is stopping me and that is if I really needed to monitor surely I would have been offered one? I dislike doing things regarding my health without the at least consent of my doctors, after all we pay a lot of money for their advice so why not take it?

I have to admit though I am a worrier (hence depression) but still I think I should have more control?

Anyone else got opinions?


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This may help.


Hi Michael

This forum is an excellent place to meet other people living with type 2 diabetes, they can share their experiences with you and will hopefully help you through some of the questions you have.

Depending on where you live, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation is holding a Diabetes Wellness Day in Southampton on 27th June. All the info is on our webpage


We also organise a Wellness Day in the North East (Hartlepool) and a Wellness Weekend and Walking Holiday. All the info is on the website drwf.org.uk plus there are more diabetes resources on the site. Have a look at the resources page drwf.org.uk/resources.

You might be interested in the Diabetes Wellness Network drwf.org.uk/diabetes-wellne...

Hope this helps


Did you go for a NHS eye screening? It is imperative that you go for an eye check.

some supermarket chemist and high street chemist offer free blood glucose check.

May be you can go for a check?

Food intake control, avoid all food with sugar and hidden sugar.

Did you go for (HbA1C) blood test, this blood test look at the numbers over 90 days, may be you can ask your nurse or GP.


Self testing is important at the beginning because then you can test which foods spike you and which do not. We are all different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. You can get free testers but you have to pay for the strips if your nurse wont give you one. When you know from testing how to control your sugars then really once or twice a week is enough for testing. Go to diabetes.co.uk they have a testing program there. you get all you need for testing at a cheap price. I got mine from my nurse and she gives me enough for once week testing but i have crreative ways of getting more.


I have had Diabetes for over 10years now and I am also a medic so I understand what it can do to my body. I test at least 3 times a day and if I have any other health issues I sometimes do it more often. The strips work out at 50 pence each and I have now got my Nurse to issue at least 200 a month so I can monitor my blood glucose and take an extra dose of Humalin or Actrapid to bring it down or eat some carbs to push it up I try to keep the bg at about 8mm if I can if you do not monitor regularly you cannot control the blood glucose safely. I am an RGN, Paramedic, Diver Medic etc. so I think I know a bit about Diabetes!!!

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During tha past 7 months all I have had is 2 blood tests and a visit to the practice diabetic nurse.

The practice do not recomend self testing, but as I now feel I havent a clue where my body stands with regard to sugar levels and which foods do what where or when I have ordered a blood testing monitor.

I suffer from Depression and Anxiety therefore i find it easy to make mountains out of molehills, so if I say I am feeling a bit left out of my treatment I am not sure if it is not the anxiety causing this.

I also have a morbid fear of the practice getting fed up with me or think I am over stating my symptoms, so I dont go unless I have to or my wife gives me that much grief I then go.

So there you are I am damned if I do and damned if I don't - this in itself has already started the clide into the downward path.



it helps to know if you both are type 1 or type 2


Hi handyman I am type 2


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