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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

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Hi Everyone, I am just wondering if any one has any reports or findings on hearling loss and diabetes, we had a really interesting talk at out group meeting last week and I want to know more.

TIA - Sarah :)

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Great question. Not just hearing loss but also imagined hearing such as bird song or rushing water. This is something I have noticed in a beloved family member with diabetes. It may be totally unconnected of course, but I too would welcome any comments. Thank you !

My mother was hospitalised a few years ago and kept in for several weeks because she had an ear infection that had got into the bone - apparently this is quite common in diabetic patients meaning that proper ear care - and keeping the ear clear of water - is very important.

My mother does have problems with hearing loss but these are down to wax build up in her ears - something I don't think is specifically related to diabetes as a family friend with MS has the same problem.

I got into tinnitus and lost my balance because of elevated sugar levels A1C was 14

After more than 51yrs of being T1 & hearing is one of my best sensors. NEVER heard anything about that before. High blood sugar causes all kinds of problems but I would not think its got anything to do with hearing. Wax in the ear ? Good luck

I sometimes hear noise in my ears .is that a diabetic problem or is it caused by high blood pressure ?

The audiologist talked about the little blood vessels in the ears being effected in much the same way as they are in retinopathy, there have been very few studies conducted but those that have been done do confirm this. It's a fasinating subject

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There’s an article on our website you might be interested in reading


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Sarahski in reply to DRWF

Thank you. Your article is really interesting. Many people who have commented on this thread are unaware of the possibility of hearing loss due to diabetes and very little research has been conducted in the area. A loss of any sense can be life changing and as people with diabetes are susceptible to sight loss due to retinopathy, I am distressed that there is nothing in place in the way screening for hearing loss for people with diabetes. I think more research needs to be made in this area. I came across it through a talk from an audiologist at a local support group I run for people with diabetes. I am always learning more about my condition. I have also approached the Diabetes research unit to ask if they could look into it as an area for further research and possible screening in line with that of retinopathy screening.

Thank you for commenting and posting the link to your really interesting article.

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DRWFAdministrator in reply to Sarahski

So pleased you found it useful, we post regular news updates on the website and you can sign up for the free e-news bulletins.

I got tinnitus and lost my balance (having 24 x 7 swaying motion) due to high sugar levels.

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Sarahski in reply to Indian1990

I hope you are able to get rid of the dizziness bringing your blood sugars down. It's not a nice experience I've lived with dizziness like that now for about 7 years. Unfortunately mine isnt due to my hearing or diabetes but its still very unpleasant. Good luck. Have you had hearing tests? Can they help with your tinnitus?

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Indian1990 in reply to Sarahski

I went to the one of the best vertigo specialist in India.

He took all my tests like VNG , MRI and other supporting tests. Nothing came up. Lastly he said that my balance senses are weakened and i need to simulate it and make it very strong (like the people who can balance themselves on a rope)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Indian1990

When did you go to the vertigo specialist, Indian1990? Do you have to go back for a follow up appointment in a few weeks, or sooner?

It was 4 weeks back.

He said that there is no medicines for it, exercise is the only key.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Indian1990

How many days a week do you do the exercises?

3 times a day ..

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Indian1990

What are the exercises that your doctor has you doing?

It is called as VRE vestibular rehab exercise

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