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Bread and Type 2 Diabetes


Hi, just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Any tips re what type of bread is best and how much should I restrict the amount. Thanks

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Personally Althebanker I only ever eat Hovis wholemeal bread

Are you on Metformin?

Thanks. No drugs only advised to diet.


Welcome to the group.

Do you have any food allergies?

None that I am aware of.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Althebanker

Thank you for letting us know.😀👍 Have you tried a low carb. bread?

Like the Hovis low carb and ASDA sourdough. Are these ok

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Althebanker

How many carbs. do they have in them? Take the one that has less in it.😀👍


Activity2004Administrator in reply to Althebanker

You’re welcome! Anytime!😀👍

hi Althebanker

it depends , if you are going on a low carb diet then it will be very little or non at all.

i personally have burgen soya and linseed seed bread


Althebanker in reply to James2


Osidge in reply to Althebanker

What were your blood glucose figures on diagnosis? What is your current food intake like?

Althebanker in reply to Osidge

5.9 glucose

7.6 Hb1ac

Have cut down on carbs and try to avoid added sugar foods. Portion size and healthy snacking has been my main change. It is early days. Only actually told of my diagnosis last week. Originally nurse told me I was prediabetic but doc changed it.

Thanks. That’s really helpful


Eat home made Almond flour bread and flaxseed bread. They will not spike your blood sugar. All traditional breads will give significant rise in blood sugar. Follow the link below for more information on blood sugar rise for various breads:

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