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Metformin and weight loss


My husband has Type 2 but has gradually brought it under control during the last 6 months. At his check-up this morning, the nurse told him his results were brilliant on all counts. However, she has still left him on the maximum dose of Metformin (2000mg per day) and, having read somewhere on the web, that if the dose is too high it causes weight loss (he's already lost 6.4kg and doesn't want to lose any more) he's wondering whether to query this with her.

Does anybody have any experience of too high a dose of Metformin, if so I'd be very glad to hear from you?

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Go back to the doctor's and ask.

RozB in reply to Andyman

Thanks for replying.

My husband has now spoken to his doctor on the phone and was told that he should stay on the max. dose for the time being and make another appt to see him in 3 months.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to RozB

Please let us know what happens when you can.

RozB in reply to Activity2004

Yes, I'll do that.


Hi RozB

I agree with Andyman, definitely go back and ask the nurse more questions. Usually when a person with Type 2 Diabetes loses weight, they're HCP will reduce the dosage of Metformin, but there may be reasons your husband's nurse hasn't done this. In the meantime here is some helpful information about Metformin

RozB in reply to Moonie-man

Thank you very much for your reply and the links to Diabetes UK. I found the articles very helpful.

My husband has now spoken to his doctor on the phone and was told that he should stay on the max. dose for the time being and make another appt to see him in 3 months. If he continues to lose weight though, he'll be back to see him before that!

Moonie-manVolunteers in reply to RozB

Excellent, sounds like he is in good hands. I'm sure the nurse will be keeping a close eye on his weight and HbA1c etc. Keep us posted :-)

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RozB in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply, I'll get my husband to take a look.

what normally happens they keep the dose up at the beginning and see if the result is sustainable over successive checks. If it is, then they reduce it. Just because you google something does not mean that is the cause of a problem. It probably is a result of his modified diet he went on along with the pills. He did go on a modified diet didn't he........

RozB in reply to Andyman

Yes, he did modify his diet, but as he'd been eating a healthy heart plan since 2002 and bypass surgery, the modification for diabetes was only quite small. He wasn't overweight either.

Have they checked his B12 levels? Metformin can interfere with your system's ability to process it and result in levels that interfere with your ability to successfully methylate other nutrients and can cause weight loss. Think "pernicious anemia". It has also been shown to actually cause neuropathic damage when used for a long time. I lost over 50 lbs before I started B12 injections on the advice of a friend, RN, who had seen this happen. I now keep my sugar totally under control, normal levels and A1C using organic herbals and a gluten and dairy free diet. Suzie Cohen's book "Diabetes Without Drugs" is where I started, with her 5 step program for Diabetes II.

RozB in reply to mcenerny

Thanks so much for your reply, it's very informative. I was particularly interested in your comment on B12 as I know he's never had this checked so that's definitely something to follow up on.

I'm glad to know you're able to keep your diabetes under control without meds, I hope your diet continues to work for you.

mcenerny in reply to RozB

The best test for B12 is MMA Methylmalonic acid: a good test (and rarely run) for B12 status. Blood serum tests can be misleading as they do not show the cellular level and it can circulate in the blood without being able to get into the cells for a variety of reasons (low folate, lithium, adrenal fatigue). Good luck!

I'm take 2k grams a day of metformin, with my tread mill at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes at least, heart rate at least 160 beats per minute on the treadmill, for as long as I can take it. I do that without fail, along, glipizide with my heat meds, I'm consistently in my range, 108-120..

It comes down to turning his doctors instructions into a lifestyle he can live with and be happy with.... When I do as the poster boy for diabetes does as prescribed, everything comes alive thru expertise and desire, to live eat think healthy... Darrell

Have your husband talk to his doctor about this.

It's magic. More than 50 odd years of T1. Go for a walk instead of reading!

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