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Non-diabetic with high morning glucose

I am new to this forum and wanted to see if anyone can advise on my high morning glucose. I am a 49 year old female with autoimmune thyroid disease but I am not diabetic nor or any medication for anything. My morning glucose after one cup of tea is frequently over 8.5 mmol on our very reliable Accucheck monitor. It is always higher than my husband's and he is Type 2 diabetic (unmedicated)! I also have the following symptoms (weight loss, mild headaches, upper tummy pain and nausea a lot of the time, very frequent urination ((up to 20 times a day)) and dry mouth and thirst.). My glucose in the evenings is lower (around 6.5 several hours after supper) so I know I am not diabetic. I had an HbA1c test last year and it was only 35 but then my fasting readings were lower. I feel a mixture of hyper and exhaustion which could be thyroid related. I also have positive ANA (antinuclear antibodies). A couple of cousins have Type 2 diabetes but they were overweight. I am officially underweight and lose weight very quickly! I really have not felt that well recently and am also experiencing some mild tingling in my hands.

Is there any explanation for this or should I go back to my GP?

Thank you so much in advance for any suggestions!

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I think you should go back to your doctor. I am type 2 diabetic diagnosed 2001. I am overweight now but didn't used to be. I never showed up diabetic on tests for many years but know now that many of my symptoms were relevant to diabetes, in particular the exhausted feeling. People always attribute T2 diabetes to poor diet leading to obesity but I am sure that mine was caused by stress, lack of sleep and lack of exercise. I was not diagnosed by my doctor (who was the diabetes specialist at my practice) but by the continence nurse who was surprised that my pelvic muscles were so strong yet I felt as though everything was being forced down through my vagina. She asked me to do a water sample and referred me back to the doctor for another glucose test. My sugar was 18. The prolapse feeling was caused by thrush which feeds on the sugar. My sugar always goes high when my body is under stress. Eg if I have a tummy bug and don't eat for a couple of days my sugar can be 15 which doesn't seem possible. On the other hand now that I am on the maximum medication I can eat normally and go too low. My sugar has kept going too low 3.8 yesterday since I retired and don't have the pressure of work.


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