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I am a type 2 diabetic and need to lose weight. Any suggestions?

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  • Diet and exercise. Are you on Metformin? Be aware that long term it can affect absorption of Vitamin B12.

    Surely your Doctor or practice are "educating" you on what you need to do.

    Goodnight - I wish you well.

  • Yes I am on metformin, thanks for the advice

  • Hi taxigurl,

    Welcome to the group.

    What exercises does your doctor have you doing during the day? Have they started you on carb counting for each meal and snack? Counting carbs helps in two ways. First, it can help control the diabetes and the numbers. Second, it can help with weight loss. How many carbs/meal and snack are you allowed?

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  • Excercise. small food portions, lots of fruit and veg, cut down on carbs.

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  • Hello Taxigirl.Why not try a 24hour fasting diet.I went on one.It was /is very sucessful.4 months ago.i developed dozens of really painful weeping non healing ulcers on my legs below the knees.Caused by high blood glucose So i went on this diet.At the start of the diet,i weighed 14 st 10 lbs my blood sugar fasting readings were 11.5mm/l to 16mm/l.Now 4 months later .i weigh 12st 2lbs,my BG fasting readings are 3.5 mm/l to 5.4 mm/l .I find i can now eat sweet food,although i am keeping an eye on things.my leg ulcers have healed up.I feel very much better.i found the diet easy no calorie counting. I do not take diabetic medication.i tried Metformin at first but stopped taking it.The side effects were terrible in my case.I have 2 meals one day and one main the next.{i skip breakfast] on the fasting day just drink tea.coffee etc.If you are taking medication keep an eye on your blood sugar.you may find it necessary to reduce your medication or come of it altogether.Try it out you maybe pleasantly supprised.

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  • When I became T2 almost two years ago I was given the usual 'eat loads of healthy carbs with every meal' line and told to 'exercise'. I bought Dr David Cavan's book about Reversing your T2Diabetes and read it, then I bought myself a blood sugar meter and made myself a little spreadsheet. I took a reading before every meal and two hours afterwards, jotted down what I ate and eliminated everything that caused a spike in my blood sugar.

    I discovered that all the healthy wholemeal bread, oatmeal breakfast muffins that I loved, nice healthy jacket potatoes etc all caused a huge spike. I found out about the Low Carb, High Fat diet and stayed on that and in the three months I was given to get myself straightened out on diet and exercise - before gong onto the diabetic register, I managed to eat my way out of type two. I'm sure if I ever go back t my old high carb way of eating my blood sugars will rise but I'm happy with my new way of eating.

    I start my day with a two egg omelette, grapefruit and tea, have something light at lunch, like soup or cheese and tomatoes and salad or even a bit f rate chicken and at night I have fish or chicken or lean meat with loads of vetpgetables. I don't eat many potatoes though although trial and error has shown I can eat three or four boiled small baby new potatoes without much of a spike. I eat sweet potatoes made into chips. I don't eat junk food or have diet drinks, tend to drink decaf tea and coffee or water and I don't eat loads of grapes and tropical type fruit. I eat carbs but I probably get most of them from vegetables. Oh and I eat quite a lot of unsalted nuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts are my favourites.

    I never counted a single calorie in all that time and I went from 11stones to 8.5 stones and as I said I'm no longer T2.

    I have a Fitbit and try to do 10000 a day as many days of the week as I can oat least have a brisk half hour walk. I would say it was cutting out the grain based carbs that made most difference.

    Also think David's fasting idea would work too, I sometimes only have two meals and a little snack.

  • Hello,Fruitandnutcase.I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 8 years.For 5/6 years i did not know about it.I was having routine blood pressure and blood tests every 6 months.they decided not to tell me. I was in the Philippines for 6 months in 2010.i had an accident on my left knee.I had to have it operated on. The doctor asked me if i knew i was diabetic.i'd had it for 6 months.Shock horror i knew nothing about it.3 or 4 weeks prior to going to the Philippines i'd had the usual 6 monthly routine blood tests etc,so i rang my surgery up and asked them the results of my recent blood test.The person who i spoke to said my tests were normal.No high blood sugar etc.i had my operation every thing went ok.The surgical wound on me knee healed up ok,so i forgot about the diabetes.Fast forward to 2015.i had the usual check up.A few days later i received a call from the doctor telling me to make an appointment to see her as my blood sugar was quite high.when i saw her she was only interested in putting me on statins,which i refused to take.So she got decidedly upset.that's when i said i'd sort my own diabetes out.In September 2006 there was a first time study revealing the risks of using older beta-blocker drugs and diuretics for treating high blood pressure,increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50 percent.I'd been on 100mg of Atenolol daily for 25 years.She would only reduce them 50 percent.While in the Philippines i weened my off Atenolol.Which improve my blood sugar readings.I began to feel much better stopping the Atenolol.i didn't realise how crap i felt while taking this stuff.It didn't make any difference to my blood pressure.i avoid doctors as much as possible.After the age of 65 [i'm 72]they could not not careless about us elderly.i have been free of type 2 diabetes for 3.5 months i bought a Free-libre to save pricking my fingers too much.They are a bit pricey but very good.i also bought A Complete Guide to Fasting.A very intersting book.

  • It's amazing isn't it how you can be prediabetic (in my case) and diabetic (in your case) and no one bothers to tell you. I had to laugh too when you said she was upset because you told her you'd sort your diabetes out yourself. That's exactly what I did too. There's no stopping us oldies when we get gong.

    When my HbA1c improved dramatically I told my specialist nurse I'd reversed things with a low carb, high fat diet, it was funny, she just ignored me and said 'Oh low GI'. Not quite. Good luck with the future, I'm off to look up that book.

  • Hello.Fruitandnutcase.The book is by Dr.Jason Fung M.D.i bought it from Amazon U.K.It gives all the information.lengths fasting diets you can try,the science behind them.case histories,taking any medicines.while on a fasting diets etc.I've tried calorie counting diets before the were successful at first.then i fell by the wayside and piled the weight i lost back on again.As i say i am on a 24 hour alternate day fast.which is ok for me.i'm very pleased indeed.my swollen.feet legs and knees went back to normal .I was having to get up in the middle of the night to pee at least a dozen time a night. all that has cleared up.My non healing very painful ulcers on my legs below the knees cleared up.I was really worried about those i didn't fancy having to have my legs sawn off at knees making me shorter than ever LOL. If i,d have taken the so called doctors advice about taking statin drugs and remaining on Atenolol.I reckon i would be having to take 3 or 4 shots of insulin a day plus pills.and weighing 20 st.and in a wheelchair.P.S.i like fruit and nut.

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  • Got it on my Kindle now :) I really like Jason Fung, he's a really amazing guy. I've got his Obesity Code.

    With a name like Fruitandnutcase you can see where I'm coming from with T2 can't you - I was T2,waiting to happen. Fortunately I was also in a prediabetes study and had just been put on a three month course of steroids for RA which tipped me into T2 and I was picked up after a month on the steroids when I went for my annual study check up so I was very lucky indeed.

    I haven't had any Fruit and Nut for two years come November though, or McDonalds complete with a Smarties McSlurry to finish it off, or Diet Coke. I went cold turkey when I bought Dr Cavan's book. I still have the odd square or two of very dark chocolate but it's not the same really.

    Bet you feel really good about yourself and your amazing progress - make sure you boast about it to your clinic nurse and doctor :)

  • Hi. I have two of my friends now off all meds for there T2. They both lost weight & one of thems dog I felt really sorry for (walked the legs of it). Good luck & keep going & it will pay off.

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