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Balance (part2)

thanks to you all for your responses.

i am gonna see my doctor soon but am wondering if there might be a link between diabetes and clumsiness of lack of proper grasp.

i keep dropping thing, don't seem to assert distances properly when i am sitting, for instance, and don't FEEL awkward but am AWKWARD.

am not embarrassed and don't usually care what ppl thing about me.

but, anxiety and depression have been in my life since i was about 25.

thanks to present meds, ( ibilify, effexor, chlonazepam, etc...) , i am able to keep in check.

also, since the last couple of days, feel nauseous, have zero energy and feel more depressed than before.

could diabetes be the culprit?

thanks for your help.

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When is the next scheduled appointment with the doctor suppose to be? I feel that you may want to call the doctor and say you want to come in sooner than planned to be on the safe side. Please let us know what happens and what the doctor tells you.

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i will schedule an apoint. with my doctor for next week.

having suffered from hypochondria most of my life, i can't help but wonder what u mean by :"to be on the safe side ".

but thanks for your very sensible answer.

i will let u know, of course.

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could also be an undiagnosed B12 deficiency - large overlap with symptoms of diabetes so often gets missed. Is a particular risk if you are using metformin.



sorry- just noticed your earlier post

depression and anxiety are potential symptoms of B12 deficiency - I had 40+ years of them before I was diagnosed - B12 deficiency is generally caused by an absorption problem rather than diet ... and being on metformin may be exacerbating an existing absorption problem.

Getting B12 deficiency diagnosed is quite difficult - not well understood by medics so if you need support suggest you look at the PAS forum



i think we all have this problem when we reach a certain age i dont think its linked to diabetes


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