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I've been in this group for two weeks and have learned many different things from each posts. Myself, has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes since 2011. I control my BGL through a low carb diet and exercises whenever I have time. So far so good except if I eat too much. I am glad to join this group and wish you all the better health and better control of our blood sugar level.

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  • Welcome to the group. I'm glad that you were able to go through the postings done by the rest of the members. Have you seen the polls on the Polls section?

    What type of exercises are you doing to control your type 2?

    Happy Holidays and here's to a great healthy and happy New Year!

  • Yes I've seen the Polls section and I did vote some of them. Thank you.

    In regards with exercises, I do different things depending on my moods, time and weather. I love walking and hiking in the hills which I can do anytime as I live in the hills. I love practicing yoga on my own at home and I also do swimming in summer. I hate the side effects of all medications and that's why I've tried my best to fight the unwanted and unavoided diabetes given by my family blood.

  • I am still involved with cricket as an umpire nowadays with theffect that it is not a regular exercise. However I am doing a bit of research on herbs to combat the sugar levels which seems promising. I am going to try out some of it in due time. This means that I am cutting down on insulin if it is working.

  • I believe we can be active from many ways or any physical activities you like. My golden rules are being consistent, disciplined and enjoyed on what we do. I've read a lot of herbal and natural ways for diabetes but most of them are tested on animals and have not been proved of their effectiveness. It would be great if anyone could share their experiences if they've tried any herbs that are really working.

  • Please ask your doctor first before trying the herbs. Sometimes, new foods/medications can cause different kinds of side effects in some people.

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