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Hello everyone, diagnosed type 2 today


Been reading through some of the paperwork that the new diabetes nurse gave me, particularly regarding Retinopathy, my vision has been blurred for some time now but the nurse says that it's not diabetes but my Fibromyalgia causing that...I'm not too sure that she has got that right but we will see.

I found the Retinopathy reading quite scary so i thought i would take a break and come and say hello.


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Thank you for the link and advice.


Four years ago I was told by GP practice nurse that she can confirm I am diabetic after blood test ! A lot of paper work were given. I just filed them. I was informed that You need to take medication for Blood Glucose and Blood cholesterol.

I went on a life style change, food intake control and regular exercise, have not been on any medication for diabetic but tried statin to lower cholesterol and gave up due to side effect.

Do you know your blood test numbers.

Please do more research before going on any medication. Eye test, I have had eye test every two years and now every year for checks.

I am 69 and had cataract operation on both eye in 2007.

Please go to boots or any other high street for an eye test.

Good luck.

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Thank you bala, the nurse has suggested Metformin and also Statin for the cholesterol but after reading a few concerns from others, I told her that I wasn't too happy takin the Statin and that I would go away and research a little more.

Its all a little mind blowing to be honest.

Thanks for replying


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Did your GP suggest a HbA1C blood test?

It is imperative you go for regular eye screening.

Watch out for hidden sugar in food, please check labelling!!!

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Yes I was sent for the HbA1C which was 51.

I wasn't too aware of all the sugar in a lot of foods.

I am(was) a bread kind of person and would like to find some kind of healthy substitute lol.

Thank you.

Take care.


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What is your target HbA1C level?

Simply eat eggs for breakfast, lunch green leaf veg, tomatoes and onion cooked or raw.

Evening meal, I eat what ever my wife cooks, I have been doing this for the last 45 years!

Once in a while you can go for what you like and enjoy.

Watch the portion size, it is difficult to start with.

You can Google for nuts and enjoy what you like.

Fruits, some fruits do have high content of sugar, watch


Regular exercise.

Have you booked your test?

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They want me to do a fasting blood test on friday and i'm sure the nurse said that she would get me booked straight in for my eyes checking after the bloods, then i'm not too sure after that.

I think they will be seeing me on a fairly regular basis so all should become clearer, i hope lol


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Please take a look at this post:

Gabapentin v amitriptyline

tribalwelshgirltribalwelshgirl 3 years ago 23 Replies

Hi all, I was taken off amitriptyline and put onto gabapentin - it was a tough night last night with no pain relief or anything to help me sleep! I took my first dose of the gabapentin and within half an hour I was all over the place. My coordination and balance is poor anyway but I was a mess in work and the fog was really heavy. Is this usual for starting off on the gabapentin and will it clear up - I'm on tramadol and naproxen too so used to fuzziness! Thanks .xx

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You 2 are lucky. When I was diagnosed I was given Glicazide and told to come back in 3 monhs unless I had any problems. They gave me no paperwork at all.

Steve first thing is dont panic but take it all seriously. For the Retinopathy you will get a yearly check at the hospitals eye clinic. this means they put a liquid in your eyes to open them up so the can take a picture of the back of the eye to check for nerve damage. So this will happen and you just have to take dark glasses with you as everything will be really bright for a couple of hours after and you cant drive either. The damage will be what it is but the goal is to keep it in check over subsequent years. We all have some damage we just dont want to increase it.

Then its about diet and exercise to keep your numbers good. If you cheat then you pay for that. Not rocket science just a fact.

I take Metformin for my type 2 with no side effects. I also take Statins with no side effects. We are all different and others have completely the opposite reactions.

With the drugs, exercise and diet i keep it all under control now but it means a life style change and not just a small one. nearly a 180 in my case but i had other issues as well (heart).

Once you know what to eat and what not to eat and exercise daily its easy...really just discipline.

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Agree with you Andyman. I'm T2 on metformin and statins, have adjusted my diet to lower carbs (not low carb high fat as that doesn't agree with me - gallstones!) and I'm exercising more. I'm very aware of all the complications with diabetes and I'm determined to avoid them altogether if possible. I have the retinopathy test every year and at 63 I have healthy eyes (need glasses but nothing wrong with the back of my eyes etc).

I have been on the Xpert course ( Xperthealth.org.uk ) and you can refer yourself to it. I also swear by the help and support of Diabetes.org.uk and I have friends and family who are diabetic too. Facebook has lots of good support groups for diabetics too.

Metformin is the main tablet given for T2 diabetics and if you find you have tummy problems with it (which sometimes happen with the general version of it) then ask for the slow release version. I've been on both metformin and statins for 3 years and my levels have come down but I've also consciously watched my diet and started exercising. You don't have to give up everything, just eat in moderation, watch your carbs and exercise if you can. Metformin has also been proven to have beneficial effects on helping to protect against cardiovascular problems.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I was given the form for X-PERT and i have already emailed to see if they run local courses, preferably late afternoon or evenings, i'm stuck at work every day so fingers crossed.

One thing is for sure...All these links you have all been kind enough to pass onto me will certainly keep me busy for some time :)

Thank you, another very helpful post


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Thank for all the good advice, things are sinking in, just wish the wife would stop offering me chocolate, buns or beer from the fridge lol


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Dark chocolate or one can a day, no problem!

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Do register with diabetic UK to receive regular email, this can help. Understanding the blood test result units are very important.

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The Xpert course is very good. I had diabetes for about six years when living abroad and was sent on this course when I returned to the UK I really didn't need it as I had been well informed but they insisted as I was now under a different system. I found it excellent for the newly diagnosed and it would be worth your while to take time of work to attend it could make a big difference to your outlook and control. As I was stil a little wary of driving to unknown places as I was " on the wrong side of the road" so my husband took me he was going to wait and then drive me home but they invited him in and he did find it very informative. He never buys me chocolate and reminds me to eat if he thinks I have gone too long without food. I think you should take your wife with you so that she can learn how to help you.once you get stabilized it becomes a way of life and I have no problems that I can't easily cope with. I know this isn't the gout section but that's my problem I have cured it with diet but have had to cut out so many of my favourite foods on top of my diabetic diet. I sometimes think that I will be left with only water and someone will decide it's bad for me and I can't have it any more. I certainly don't live to eat I eat to live but the consolation is it works for me.


Thank you for the good advice and my understanding is getting better, there does seem to be 2 main camps with regard to the diet. LCHF v the usual low fat diet. I have cut out sugar, bread and sweet things to start with

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If you have any problems with your tummy - gallstones, hiatus hernia or ulcers then definitely don't do the LCHF diet! I have gallstones and a HH and I have reduced my carbs and my fat and I've had no problems with either at all. I try to aim for 150g of carbs a day with 45g a day for snacks and treats (if needed). Some days I go over, some days I go under but I am good at swapping out carbs. You don't need to give up everything you like, just eat less of it.

I'd recommend you get the app Carbs & Cals and/or the book Carbs & Cals by Chris Cheyette - available on Amazon. It shows in picture form how many carbs are in various portion sizes.

I still have the odd treat of cakes, biscuits and chocolate but a lot less than I did before and I try to swap out starchy carbs if we're out so I can share a dessert with my OH. I eat only when hungry (level 6 on the hunger scale) and I stop eating when I get to the "sigh" stage which means my body is satisfied with the amount I've eaten. I no longer worry if I'm leaving food on my plate, I just put my cutlery on the plate and cover it with my napkin and don't touch it again. Its certainly working for me as I have started to lose weight and I'm getting fit with exercise.

My levels have dropped from 7.6 to 6.3 in 3 years and I'm hoping my next HbA1c in June will show further improvement. Hope you get the same sort of results.

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And more...................

Asian veg that can help:

Cinnamon stick- Boil one stick in two cups of water, one cup drink in the evening warm, the other cup to drink cold in the morning.

Fenugreek - powder sprinkle on food, seeds in cooking or green leaf (Methi) for cooking.

Cinnamon – powder to sprinkle on food.

Turmeric – powder for cooking.

Some Asian veg that are bitter in taste is also good.

All the above and some other veg can help to reduce blood glucose. You can see results in weeks.

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the murky world of DM2. It's a strange old world but can be managed with a little planning.

Just wondering if you also have any sleep problems as my DM2 and Fibro appear to have been brought on by my Obstructive Sleep Apnea and not weight related (although I've always been more chunky than slim because of my pcos).

Not sure about the blurry vision being related to the Fibro, I'm being checked for other things as my retinopathy over the last four years has been perfect (as has my six monthly hba1c bloods). I haven't changed my eating too much but have cut down on my carbs a little and upped my veggies so it's definitely do-able. It may also be useful to have your eyes tested at a reputable options as well and don't forget to apply for your medical exemption card which really helps as you get your prescriptions free.

Try not to worry, there are many, many people on the forum who can help, support and regale you with tales about their various conditions so again, welcome aboard and emember, It Does Get Better.

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Hi Reykua,

Nice to meet you, thanks for your post.

When i started to accept that i maybe have Diabetes i found that there seemed to be some similarities but the Amitrityline, Tramadol etc make sure that i get my sleep. I think the Gabapentin have made this a weight issue for me, possibly causing, or certainly helping towards Diabetes.

I have spoke with my regular optician when i really noticed my vision deteriorating but there view was to get the Diabetes under control and then pay them a visit.

Thank you very much, all the very positive and sensible advice has helped.

kind regards


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yes dont see an optician until the diabetes is under control other wise the result could be worthless.

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Hi Steve,

Am I mistaken or did You mentioned that your Retinopathy exam came back clear? If so, don't wait until you have your glucose numbers under control, get to an optician and check out what the potential problem with your eyesight may be as soon as you can.

DM2 only affects your eyesight in limited ways, aside from a problem with your retina, you are more likely to get cataracts or glaucoma - that's it. any other eye problems will be picked up regardless of how well your diabetes is being managed. Opticians can also pick up cataracts and glaucoma.

It's also really important to know as soon as because it could also mean the difference between having Fibromyalgia or having something else like M.E. which Does affect your eyesight.

Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.

Andyman in reply to Reykua

High glucose reading can give you blurry visions. Thus my comment about being under control.

Best ask your doctor to have your vision checked.

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I had read that but then the nurse was saying that the blurred vision was probably fibro related. No disrespect to the nurse but I was her very first patient, she was a nurse who had taken further training and told me that she had scored 75% in this test.

I am going to ring the opticians on Monday.

Andyman in reply to Hidden

Any optician when told you have diabetes would ask if it was under control. Yours did the right thing. Get on your meds get some control and then go back it makes sense.

See your nurse and show her the data on hi sugar and blurred vision. Push for a referral.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, we headed to the coast yesterday for my 50.

No as of yet I haven't been for a Retinopathy exam, sorry I didn't explain that well enough. I get both safety and VDU glasses through work every couple of years and it's about time to get them again but my optician who does that for me said that it might be better to wait till I had seen the Diabetic nurse and got on any meds, then call him back for the normal eye test.

I will update you when I have a better idea of what's happening.

Today is full bloods and urine sample after fasting last night.



ceejayblue in reply to Reykua

I've had sleep apnoea for as long as I can remember but was actually only diagnosed about 15 years ago (now 63).

Reykua in reply to ceejayblue

Hmmm. It all makes alot of sense now.

Before you write off the blurry vision thing as part of the Fibro, do get it checked out at the optician. Once you get an all clear from them, you can start to dig a little deeper into what may be causing the problem.

Wishing you all the very best for the future.


Hi Steve Have you had a look at the DRWF website, the resources area is a good place to start drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets the leaflets are available as downloadable PDFs or you can request a hard copy. There is one called How can Diabetes affect my Eyes by Dr Deborah Broadbent Director of Diabetic Eye Screening Liverpool Diabetes Eye Screening Programme


Hi Steve DRWF hold a Diabetes Wellness Day South and one in the North as well as a Wellness Weekend. These are excellent opportunities for you to learn more about living with Diabetes. Please get in touch if you would like some more information please get in touch.

Why wait for a referral? you can walk into any option for full eye test and screening. Depending upon when you had your last eye test you may have to pay for it.

GP practice nurse and new GP needs better training. The advantage of NHS eye screening is that you are invited for eye test every year by written letter. Boots or other options also write to give notice.

The following two article in the copy of the mail, today me help to understand eye problems.

HOW TO BEAT EYE PROBLEMS: Eat these foods to boost your eyes (and no, we DON'T just mean carrots)

•Sian Porter, a consultant dietitian, identifies best food for healthy eyes

•Says brightly coloured fruit and vegetables provides vitamin A to retina

•Zinc helps eye health, good sources include lean meat, nuts and seeds

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...

Why DOES your sight get worse with age? Experts give tips on prevention and treatment for four common problems

•Regular sight tests should pick up on glaucoma but it is under diagnosed

•Quitting smoking can lower the risk of age related mascular degeneration

•Excess drinking can lead to cataracts, which increasingly require surgery

•Everyone with diabetes should have a retinal scan to check for retinopathy

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/news/articl...

How did you get on with your eye test?

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Hi bala,

I went for my normal eye test and my eyes haven't changed much which is good news and I am at the hospital for my diabetes eye test on the 27th.

My doctor has now put me on one metformin for two weeks then one morning and night.

I'm now on the X-PERT waiting list too, I'm glad things are progressing lol.

Take care

I had a bleed behind my eye over 20 years ago. I did not have diabetes no cause was found but I was sent for eye test yearly instead of every two years. About 8 years ago I became type 2 diabetic eye checks were fine until 18 months ago when they found slight neuropathy no treatment just a yearly check, second check shows no difference I complained if slight cloudiness but it seems I have cataracts also not changed at second check. As long as you get your eyes checked so any problems can be sorted early. I would ask your doctor to refer you for retinopathy eye test and make sure you get your regular eye check at the optician. Don't just sit and worry find the facts and act accordingly .

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