Weeks #49 & #50:DEXCOM (Semanas núm. 49 & # 50:DEXCOM)

Wow! What a crazy time with the DEXCOM. After I inserted the sensor yesterday afternoon at my Endocrinologist's office during my appointment, the sensor had been working just fine. It actually worked through dinner and part of the night hours. The receiver alarmed at 4:45 this morning with a false low reading, so I recalibrated and went back to sleep until about 6:30. The sensor had worked until I was about to sit down and eat breakfast. This slowed things down since I wasn't planning for a sensor to fail so soon..... Once I was done with eating breakfast and started getting ready for my busy day for work, I replaced the failed sensor and inserted one of the only sensors I have left here at the house. At 9:30 this morning while at work, I did another two recalibrations for the sensor to start working correctly and then called DEXCOM to request a free, new sensor to be shipped out to me overnight so it'll be here sometime tomorrow. The Support Tech Represenative was not happy to hear that the other sensor had failed so soon, either and definitely okay'd the new replacement to be sent out.

¡Wow! Qué tiempo tan loco con el DEXCOM. Después de que inserté el sensor ayer por la tarde en la oficina de mi Endocrinologist durante mi cita, el sensor había estado trabajando sólo fino. Realmente trabajó a través de comida y parte de las horas de noche. El receptor alarmó en 4:45 esta mañana con una lectura baja falsa, por tanto calibré de nuevo y volví para dormir hasta aproximadamente 6:30. El sensor había trabajado hasta que estuviera a punto de sentarme y comer el desayuno. Esto hizo más lento cosas ya que no planeaba para un sensor fallar tan pronto..... Una vez que me hiciera con la comida del desayuno y comenzara a prepararme para mi día ocupado para el trabajo, sustituí el sensor fracasado e inserté uno de los únicos sensores que he dejado aquí en la casa. En 9:30 esta mañana mientras en el trabajo, hice más dos recalibraciones para el sensor para comenzar a trabajar correctamente y luego llamé DEXCOM para solicitar que un sensor libre, nuevo se envíe a mí durante la noche por tanto estará aquí algún día mañana. Represenative de la Tecnología de Apoyo no era contento de oír que el otro sensor había fallado tan pronto, cualquiera y definitivamente okay'd el nuevo reemplazo para enviarse.

With this new sensor from this morning, it's doing okay, so far. I'll see how it goes after I get up in the morning tomorrow. I'm also going to let you all know either way what happens.

Con este nuevo sensor a partir de esta mañana, hace bien, hasta ahora. Veré cómo va después de que despierto por la mañana mañana. También voy a dejar a todos ustedes saber el uno o el otro camino lo que pasa.

Better go for right now. Snack time soon!

Mejor vaya para ahora mismo. ¡Tiempo del bocado pronto!


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5 Replies

  • Really enjoy all your detailed and informative posts, Activity, and truly hope the new sensor works this time.

  • Thank you! So far, so good. Getting ready for the work day.

    Keep on reading!

  • Hi Activity I keep a couple of spares in the event that happens. I to do sometimes do not get the week finish. Have not figured out if it is the senor or me, very madding. At time I can get nearly 2 weeks from the senor which I find so nice being so thin and changing it can at times is very painful.

    Hope this one works for you look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • 2 weeks?? Each sensor should hopefully last for a week.

  • True I some times get 2 weeks before I change it then the tape goes and the needle feels funny. Remember without working I do not have to shower but bird baths every day which helps keep the sensor planted better. Test read accurate which I test twice daily or more often if I feel things are not correct. My system is so goofy up and down with the ready insulin sensitivity.

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