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Type 2 diabetic..which tablets are more safe...different doctors different medicines

I am diabetic for the last 7 years. my present dosage is GLYCIPHAGE R 0.5g(1 evening) + Amaryl M 1mg(1morning). Previously my dosage was Cetapin XR 500 mg( 1 evening). Initialy (2 years back) my dosage was Gluconorm SR 500(1 evening). which of the above tablets are more safe ? The testing results remain almost same for the last 7 years.

With food control test result on 04.07.16 was 130 fasting and 200 PPBS 1 1/2 hr after food. hBa1C was 6.82% and URINE ALBUMIN CREATININE RATIO WAS 0.01.

I also have bilirubin total 2.4 mg/dL and bilirubin direct 0.3 mg/dL. my cholostrol level was high for last 14 years and now for the last 6 months it is under control (HDL 41, LDL 93, VLDL 38, TRIGLYCERIDES 189 MG/DL)WITH TABLET ROSUVAS 5 mg.

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I think all of the diabetes medications are safe if you use them as prescribed. The only dangers are getting low blood sugar. I think your fasting and post meal numbers are still way too high. I also had similar numbers, cept sometimes my numbers would go up to 250 after a meal and stay there for long periods of time. I can't stay on a low carb diet. I just started to use rapid acting insulin two months ago and it works wonders. I have even lost 16 pounds. I can eat 60-70 grams of carbs per meal (then take 20 units of insulin) and my blood sugar will not even go over 100-110 an hour after the meal if I time my insulin dose just right. I have to inject and then wait about an hour to begin eating. I did this without my doctor (I don't recommend you try this on your own). I do get hypo's sometimes. I always feel them and correct them with a few pieces of chocolate. You really need to change up your medications if your A1C is still high. I will never let my A1C go above a 5.5 -6.5 if I can continue on the current diet and medication regimen. I can't take a lot of the other oral medications due to them having adverse reactions with some of the medications I take to manage other illnesses. I only take 2000 milligrams of metformin with my insulin. I hope this helps you some!


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