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Concerned about husband diabetic type 2

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My husband is diabetic overweight and smoker, he was on metformin 1000g , now on double the dose and has another tab added called dapaglifloxin 10mg , but when doing the urine dip test the colour on test strip is dark brown, so is in effect showing too much sugar, around two weeks before taking this med he was passing urine with blood, he is still passing a lot of urine still every hour, he’s had blood tests for prostrate, and was told although slightly enlarged the problem was his diabetis , he’s taken urine samples to the drs who seem to think he hasn’t got water infection, he was given a course of antibiotics but had thrush! He seems to be going backwards and forwards and getting nowhere, he eats lots fish chicken veg, what is he doing wrong, if sugar is too high! I know he shouldn’t be smoking! He recently started eating sugar free sweets but I did tell him they contain sucrose, what can others recommend he should be doing please, I’m really worried about him,

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Sorry forgot to add, he doesn’t have many carbs,

I wonder how many carbs he does have. I cut mine down drastically and walk over 10,000 steps a day and this has put me into remission. This is even with the steroids I am on spiking my sugars. I do not take any meds for my type 2. You do know that a lot of veg has carbs in it

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Eternity6 in reply to Koalajane

Yes he also walks over 10,000 steps a night in his job, he eats cauliflower carrots sweet pots broccoli and Brussels he works very long shifts,

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What is his job at night? Sometimes, depending on the job and how much sleep a person can get cause the blood sugars to go up or down.

Security, doesn’t get that much sleep, so that’s also affecting his blood sugars then

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Eternity6

That's one type of job that can cause blood sugar swings. The other is if the person works in a hospital and they have to be on call 24/7. Same with police/fire and EMTs. Would he consider a change in jobs?

No, he wouldn’t really he loves his job, just have to try and work out how he can manage to keep the blood sugar down, he has just ordered meals he can take to work correct portion control etc from the field doctor advertised online

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Does he count carbs. for each meal and snack?

No he doesn’t

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Has his doctor suggested the counting carbs. and/or going on a low carb. high protein or low carb. high fat diet plan?

I think he should be doing this

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Would you be okay with me sending a fake/sample menu to you on Private Message and also how to count the carbs.?

Thank you so much that would be such a help, I will have to find out how to receive private messages

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Eternity6

Click at the top of the screen on the computer where it says Chat when you see an orange dot with a number inside. You can click on it and then reply to the sender if you want to talk to them off of the groups.:-)

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I will send the message after I get done with lunch today. Will let you know when it has been sent. :-)

Thank you so very much hope I can retrieve it

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If you have any issues with opening/retrieving the message once it's sent to you, please let me know and I can try to cut/paste it here for you later. :-) Just got done with lunch so I will start working on the message right now. :-)

Thank you so very much

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Eternity6

You're welcome! I just sent the message right now, Eternity6. :-)

Ok I will try to retrieve it

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LaceyLady in reply to Eternity6

You have to watch sweet pots carbs, especially if you bake them, better steamed.

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Eternity6 in reply to LaceyLady

Yes steam all our Vegetables.

The Gi tells how fast a carb is digested, but the amount of carbohydrate is the most important determinant of blood glucose levels.

Does his diet still contain a high amount of carbs?

I didn’t realise how many hidden carbs are in food & how high the carb content was is certain foods.

I used an app which counted up carbs so I could stick to a limit each day. There are lots of apps to choose from.

Getting regular activity is helpful too.

Has he had a blood test to monitor his HbA1c. Where are his levels?

Which is the app you use purplenails that sounds brilliant, I’m not sure if he’s had that particular blood test, so I can’t answer that one, we are in the process of trying the field doctor meals apparently very good reviews for diabetics,

The one I found easiest one to use was MyFitnessPal. Using barcodes on food product and typing in types of food. Its free, there’s the option to pay to an upgrade for extra features, but useable without.

A cup size potion of sweet potato contains 27g of carbs. I did 80g of carbs per day when first diagnosed so I would have avoided sweet potato. The app will add up calories, fat & protein too.

The guidance is that the HbA1c should be tested every few months until levels stable. Then every 6 months. I’m in UK.

I recommend everyone either sets up online access to medical records or make a habit of obtaining blood test results.

Getting to grips with results and how levels are changing is a important step to understanding how best to tackle health problems. Seeing and understanding actual figures is more empowering than hearing doctor say oh this result is “high” reduce carbs. This applies not just to Diabetes but for other blood tests & health issues too.

Totally agree with you, I get blood test results printed out all the time as I have chronic illness I’m not a diabetic, but I like to keep a eye on my health

Thank you

Blood glucose is carbohydrate. It's amazing how much carbohydrate is 'hidden' in food; anyone with type 2 diabetes has too much onboard by definition. The problem is that we've been scared away from natural fats that hardly raise insulin/blood glucose at all, to eat carbohydrates/proteins that do raise blood glucose. Greens/watery veg provide some volume, whereas natural fats (3:2 monounsaturated to saturated, similar to body fat) provide relatively safe energy.

Very true, soo much hidden in food

Just my 2 cents, but it's possible he's hyperglycemic due to stress. You produce cortisol as a 'reaction' to stress and too much cortisol will cause (among many other things) hyperglycemia. I think this is what happened to me, and I'm forever trying to get a doctor or nurse to test my cortisol levels.

I followed a very strict diet when I was first Dx and it made no difference to my blood glucose. Lack of food is a trigger for my PTSD, so after a while I went back to my normal diet and the blood glucose started to drop.

Another way of thinking of this is that stress reveals an underlying condition of insulin-resistance, whereby the body over-reacts by producing abnormally high amounts of insulin.

So, whilst learning to relax and cope with stress is a valuable skill, insulin-resistance and hyperinsulinaemia needs to be put into remission by not continuing to eat an excess of carbohydrate. The ideal amount for most people is about 500 kcal from carbohydrate per day. The RDA was arrived at from a flawed theory that focussed on purposely reducing fat intake; a paradigm that most international health authorities are stuck in. The reality doesn't bear relation to what our body actually needs;12% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 63% fat (3:2 monounsaturated to saturated, like our body's fat).

Yeah, but I'd been tested extensively for diabetes when I was a teenager and again as an adult. I was not diabetic. Which presumably means not insulin resistant.

Alas, no. People can have insulin-resistance for decades without it showing as high blood glucose, if ever.

Please bear in mind that the function of insulin is to store energy. It stores excess away as fat, and also attempts to keep blood glucose within very tight parameters. Type 2 diabetes is the evidence that the body is no longer able to cope. However, since we don't usually measure insulin levels, you can have all kinds of problems with hormones and visceral fat/VLDL, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, PCOS or lots of other chronic ill-health conditions without being aware of this underlying cause.

Health professionals ought to know.

Drinking alcohol can make your condition worse as it causes your blood sugar levels to spike or drop. Exercise like Yoga helps still the mind and attain awareness of your inner self. It is well known that regular practice of yoga can help reduce levels of stress and enhance mobility. Diet- Include fenugreek, sunflower, or chia seeds in your daily diet.

Yes yoga is very good, although my husband doesn’t participate, he doesn’t drink either, will certainly try chia seeds and sunflower ones in diet

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