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Greetings from a confused type 2 diabetic


Hi all, I'm a 47 year old female diagnosed type 2 4/5 years ago. It runs in both sides of my family (so I always assumed I would get it no matter what I did), maternal side controlled by diet only, paternal side uses mediation, I won't say is controlled as mine and my dads levels are still high and my nan ended up on insulin.

I did an Xpert course when I was diagnosed, which introduced me to the lovely 'eatwell plate', then having changed doctors recently the doctor has suggested cutting my carbs - all this has done is confused the heck out of me.

On top of this I was diagnosed with fatty liver at my previous doctors - their helpful advise, lose weight - like I've not been trying to do that for over 30 years!

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I found this site very helpful. I am Type 2 as well. Now off all meds and lost 25 lb since diagnosis 1 year ago. Mind you just pre diagnosis I put on 14lb in 8 weeks. .

Also found book by Dr Jason Fung very helpful and he has a series of free videos at

Kaka70 in reply to Murray58

Thanks I'll have a look 😄



Bad diet all through these years landed you with fatty liver.

You are still taking high carbs. Go for moderate keto diet.

Please read my above post.

Carbohydrates (including starch) break down into sugars in the gut - so whilst they aren't as bad as refined sugars they can cause you problems - it may help to look into Glycemic Index - which is a measure of the extent to which foods are broken down into sugars in your guts.

Not all starches are bad - porridge is a good one as it breaks down into sugars quite slowly.

If you have a very strong family history of diabetes - eg going down the generations without any skipping - that could be suggestive that you actually have a MODY variant rather than type 2 - these are dominant genes so if you have the gene you will definitely develop diabetes. The one that runs in my family has onset generally between ages of 30 and 45.

It is worth knowing if it is MODY - partly because of implications for children - possibility of testing so know whether or not they need to be monitored - but also because it is closer to type 1 (impaired pancreatic function) so some types respond better to different medications than those used for type 2 - my brother had huge problems controlling his insulin levels on metformin but then became aware (as my mother was involved in a study identifying the particular genetic variant that is our family strain of MODY) that it was likely he wasn't type 2 and was able to get his doctor to change his medication.

Kaka70 in reply to Gambit62

Thanks for the info, I'll do some research 🌞

Well there is nothing new for the age. All you need to do is "Walk for 30 minutes every day" or 200 minutes every week. Try to reduce intake of wheat related products and increase protein intake. Cut down oil in diet, that means less fries for fatty liver. Drink one glass of Lemon & Ginger juice in warm water every day in the morning.

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