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Week #57: DEXCOM (Semana núm. 57: DEXCOM)

Wow! I can't believe this is week #57 already! I'm sorry for taking longer with getting this posting taken care of, but things were really crazy over the weekend for me.

¡Wow! ¡No puedo creer que esto sea la semana núm. 57 ya! Siento por tomar más largo con la adquisición de esta fijación tenida cuidado de, pero las cosas estaban realmente locas durante el fin de semana para mí.

I wasn't planning to change my sensor on Saturday evening while waiting in the Emergency Room's waiting room's bathroom at Montgomery General Hospital, but the sensor had quit coming back from being on the fritz. It's odd how things go sometimes. If I hadn't had to be at the hospital because of a younger Cousin of mine, I wouldn't have had to change the sensor out of the house. I had called DEXCOM's Technical Support and they are suppose to send me a free new sensor and it should be here by Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. I'll let you know what happens when I can. The other thing is, the hospital is across from where I had to be the next day! If my Cousin had planned this "trip" better, I may have just brought a pair of new clothing and slept over! But, of course, that didn't happen!

No planeaba cambiar mi sensor el sábado por la tarde esperando en el cuarto de baño de la sala de espera de la Sala de emergencia en el Hospital general de Montgomery, pero el sensor había dejado de volver de estar en el fritz. Es raro cómo las cosas van a veces. Si no hubiera tenido que estar en el hospital debido a un Primo mío más joven, no habría tenido que cambiar el sensor de la casa. Había llamado el Apoyo técnico del DEXCOM y son suponen para enviarme un nuevo sensor libre y debería estar aquí antes de la mañana de la tarde del martes. Le avisaré lo que pasa cuando puedo. ¡La otra cosa es, el hospital es a través de dónde tuve que ser al día siguiente! ¡Si mi Primo hubiera planeado este "viaje" mejor, puedo acabar de traer a un par de la nueva ropa y de dormir! ¡Pero, por supuesto, esto no pasó!

As for the sensor that was put in on Saturday evening, it has been working so far, so good. I can't say if it will work the entire 7 days, yet, but we'll just have to wait and see.

En cuanto al sensor que se puso en el sábado por la tarde, ha estado trabajando hasta ahora, bien. No puedo decir si trabajará los 7 días enteros, aún, pero tendremos que esperar sólo y ver.

Well, this is all for right now. Enjoy the rest of the day/evening. More to come soon. Keep on reading!

Bien, esto es todo para ahora mismo. Disfrute del resto del día/tarde. Más venir pronto. ¡Siga leyendo!

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You may not have had this situation happen it's the first time for me but my i-pod I use notified me it was time for a new senor with 22 day! I need to contact them which I will to replace this maybe a part of system upgrade which would very nice. We are given so many updates give our policies per year that is assuming or the assumed life of the senor.

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An iPod? Is it used like the IPhone---- give readings before sending it to the Followers?


Maybe it is a iPhone does everything has music phone takes photo's acts like computer if I want to use the little thing that way. To complicated for me, always close to home and my lap top. Only roam for walks up to about 4-5 miles a day as long as it is not to hot. We had some very hot weather for us last week 90's.


I use the IPHone because that is what the DEXCOM can use the best. Android phones that aren't the followers don't work well with the DEXCOM. Followers can use the Android phones with no problem, but those who do use the DEXCOM have to use the IPhone to transmit the results of the blood sugars to the followers in the first place.

I'm going to do a new posting about the DEXCOM tonight.


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