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Week 9: DEXCOM & Life (Semana 9: DEXCOM & Life)

I can't believe that it's already week 9 and things keep getting busier and busier with the DEXCOM. The last sensor I used and took out this morning was working okay. It seemed to do a little better than the other few I had used before.

No puedo creer que sea ya la semana 9 y las cosas siguen haciéndose más ocupadas y más ocupadas del DEXCOM. El último sensor usé y saqué esta mañana trabajaba bien. Pareció que hizo un poco mejor que el otro a pocos había usado antes.

Last night, I had to have two snacks before bed since the numbers were getting a little lower than I had hoped, but they straightened themselves out very nicely overnight.

Anoche, tuve que tener dos bocados antes de la cama ya que los números se hacían un poco más bajos que había esperado, pero se arreglaron muy amablemente durante la noche.

Right now, while I'm typing this, my DEXCOM says that my BS is 183 and going sideways. That's okay since dinner will be ready by 5:30 pm once I finish this up tonight. Will have to see what the numbers are later around 8:15 when I have to recalibrate the DEXCOM.

Ahora mismo, mientras escribo a máquina esto, mi DEXCOM dice que mi LICENCIADO EN CIENCIAS tiene 183 años y yendo de lado. Esto es bien ya que la comida estará lista hacia las 17:30 una vez que termino esto esta noche. Tendrá que ver lo que los números están más tarde alrededor 8:15 cuando tengo que calibrar de nuevo el DEXCOM.

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Dear Active

I have been off the grid with many activities lately, but have been following you. You are sounding more of an expert in using your device, the DEXCOM. It is interesting following your diary and seeing the positive push to keep your life sorted. I can imagine that you must look back at your first week and realise what you have learned in the process of keeping a buy life and managing your diabetes. It is admirable and keep up the good work. At times, you will need some occasional technical advice, but in time, you will be the technical advice based upon your experience. I would bet that those others who become assigned their DEXCOM will be looking towards your diary showing your efforts at keeping things ticking over and may become fans of yours. Best wishes and keep focused and positive. You are really turning your life around and making this equipment work for you.

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Thank you for saying this! It really made my day.

Last night, I was woken up by the DEXCOM because my bs went down (and below) 80. I had some juice and then tested twice to see if the numbers had gone back up. I had to recalibrate the DEXCOM after the second testing because the DEXCOM thought I was still under 80 when my other monitor I use to do the testing said I was 99. I still had to recalibrate the DEXCOM this morning, as usual, but the numbers so far have stayed stabble ever since. Not sure why the numbers were dropping since I ate a snack before bed-- like normal. Oh, well. These things happen now and then, I guess.

Don't forget to check back in in the next few days. I'm going to do another posting either before Saturday morning or on Saturday depending on time and if there's any new news to report on the DEXCOM. Hope you're having a great weekend so far.


Activity is dear friend a cross the miles. we happen to meet in a group not as great as this. She brings great insight from years of diabetic history and will be a friends to all.

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Thank you for saying that. Sorry about not being able to keep in touch better, but I have been very busy!


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