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3 months blood test

Well, as you may remember I am new to Diabetes and have been working hard. On my diagnosis my blood sugar was 66. my cholesterol was at 7.5. Well its been three month's and I have listened to everyone one here and the information you have given me. My bloods came back blood sugar 45. Cholesterol 5.3 and I have lost 1stone. whoooo.. !!!!

I still don't know what I should be aiming for but at leat its down lol

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What did your doctor say you should aim for with your blood sugars?


He didn't he just said he didn't expect the results to be so positive so quickly and to keep up the good work.

Thanks Activity 2004


You should ask the doctor for what you should aim for so you don't get too low or too high. Either is not good.


42 is the pre-diabetes level; aim to get lower than 40. You've obviously taken steps in the right direction. Minimising fructose (which glycates red blood cells 7 times as much as glucose) and avoiding high-glycaemic foods will help. Ultimately the quantity of carbohydrate determines the amount of blood glucose, so you may need to reduce it a little more.


Thank you Concerned, I wasn't sure what normal blood counts should read. I have three months before my next test. So it the same things plus i have a diebetic clinic to go to for eating advice.


I have to admit bigleg it went a little over my head when I read your message, I have read it a couple of times and I understand what your saying. My Gp just told me numbers I didn't know there was a difference to look for. But now I do I will look into it. 'Thank you.

I Really appreciate you taking time out of your day to educate me. It means alot.

Thanks Lorraine.


Great news, in fact excellent news and well done.

When you say you dont know what you are aiming for why didn't you ask your doctor this?????

I am puzzled that is what they are for.

Always have a list of question you have and write them down as it is very easy to leave and not asked these question only to realise it on the way home and too late.

And write the answers down and get a print out of your results.

Then when you get home sit down with a nice cup of tea and review the answers and results.

You can then check results using reputable resources on the internet. Diabetes UK for instance.

Beware of some hack sites that present opinion and not facts they can be dangerous.

Remember you are an individual and what works for one person may not work for another.

This is especially true of foods. Some people get massive spikes when they eat certain foods and others dont get even a small spike.

When you add something new of change the way you eat always test to see the out come if it spikes the dont do it again if it doesn't then its fine.

For instance i can eat porridge in the morning with no spike others will swear that it is the devils food for diabetics. So test.

In the end you will know what you can eat and what you cant eat without testing any more then all will be good to go. But test at least once a week eventually when you know your bodies reaction to each food.

Dont get intimidated by numbers and jargon just look them up at Diabetes UK.

And dont get intimidated by doctors either

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Exactly what I was going to say.

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Thanks, Andyman, It's really all new to me and getting my doctor to print anything is a task so I can't see him giving me a copy of my blood test.

I get a quick appointment with him and it goes that quick I do forget what I need to say and come home frustrated. So I will take on board and get a little pad to take with me. I do look around and see what others are doing and eating so I have a guide line.

Thanks for your reply means a lot



Getting quite confused being new of having diabetes.since March,lost weight and my blood sugars were high and on the Max of metformin.plus Atrip to the eye unit ,found out I have another eye con edition,today it never was on my mind,never rains but pours

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