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Really P',,Off.. Is this right

I'm a large lady, have been told I have diabetes type 2 a couple of weeks ago now, have been asking questions around these boards so I can sort myself out, I am disabled and can not longer work. Now I have to say this. I am disabled due to no fault of my own.. I was in an armed robbery and had to have emergency back surgery which left me disabled, I have banged on loads of weight, and tralllarrrr!!!! here I am.

So. I go to my diabetes nurse today for blood tests and b12 injections feeling very positive as I have been sticking to a very healthy low sugar, low fat due to cholesterol diet, to be told I only need blood taken every three month I said I want to reverse this diabetes, she looked at me up and down and said you can't. I said why, "the damage is already done". She said. What!! "Any way you would have to lose a lot of weight and I can't see you doing that. So I said can you weigh me, she said no. So I got on the scales any way. Ha in your face I had lost 5lb. I booked my next appointment with a different nurse but I've come home really deflated, I thought I could reverse or at least she would explain to me why but no nothing. Im on Metformin 2 x 500 .

So guys tell me can it be reversed when its weight and diet related.

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Please take a look at all the resources on the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation website. The leaflets are available as free hard copies or as PDF downloads. drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

We also offer Diabetes Wellness Events. The next one is in Southampton on 27th June which you would find extremely useful. drwf.org.uk/event_uk/7th-an...

There's lots of useful information on the website as well as details of all our other events.


Yes, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. I was diagnosed at age 40 with type two. I was on insulin. After a big weight loss (100+ pounds), I am no longer diabetic. My fasting glucoses and A1C's are normal.


Thank you so much Shiela, i'm 48, and have been diagnosed one month now and have tried to get to grips with it, I use myfitnesspal to help me monitor what I have. This really does help, but like I said I had the wind in my sails and ready to do whatever it took to reverse only to have the wind knocked out of me saying the damage is done, and cannot be reversed because I too need a big weight loss.. You're a star well done for your weight loss


I am afraid the NHS do not offer help when required. From my experience of telling me " I can confirm you are diabetic and we are putting you in our diabetic register" .

Doctor will give you medication. My response was I do not want medication. Have been controlling the blood glucose and blood cholesterol number by food intake control and exercise.

You can control by food intake and the weight will slowly come down.

Watch out for portion size, very difficult, you need to start with a small plate to control portions. Watch out for hidden sugar, lot of food has hidden sugar.

If you are on medication and then you have to be careful on the amount of cab as you may go low in blood glucose.

Eat a lot of green leaf veg, limit fruits that are high in sugar.

Cinnamon powder on food is good and also drinking Cinnamon stick boiled water.

Methi (Indian veg), a green veg steam cooked is also good.

Very slow process, give it a try, my GP practice nurse cannot believe how I am controlling HbA1c blood test number, fasting blood glucose test number is still high.

No canned drinks, only water till you bring the numbers down.

By the way do you know your blood test numbers, you may want to keep a record of this. Also please keep a food intake note, type of food and quantity as well.


The last blood test was 66.. which was a month ago fasting blood test. This is why they put me on metformin. I never got a second blood test like I read others had. I use myfitnesspal to monitor the intake of all food I have daily I have managed to lose 5lb. The nurse said I will have a second blood test in 3 months. I so want to show them i have this under control. So I thank you for your input. I do have a habit of drinking pepsi max i guess i need to say good bye to that. to. :)


My HbA1c number was 78 and I brought it down to 45 with food intake control and exercise. Now is it stable at 50. I get blood test every six months and eye test once a year. When people are determined to control by food intake and exercise the NHs should help them in every way.


You also need to go for eye test as well. Your GP practice from now on can call you for NHS once a year eye screening.


Right ok I will sort that thanks :)


I am touched by your story. There are some health professionals who are lacking in patient care or probably had a bad day. We may have some damage done when we "turn up with diabetes," however, there is Confucius who said, 'The 1,000 mile journey starts with the first step'. Your circumstances were beyond your control. You have lost 5 pounds and you are motivated to do more. There are some arm-chair exercises to enquire about to help you and you seem motivated to find your own way. Yes, there will be further blood tests ahead and more check-ups but your determination to be better and work at it are admirable. Build on that factor. As you gradually lose more weight and feel better, you are upping the odds in favour of quality of life. That is partially what it is all about. You get knocked down, but you get up again (nothing is going to keep you down!) [Chumba-Wumba] and sometimes people will approach you the wrong way, but you will be stronger despite negative comments because you know what you are made of. Reversal is possible because the stronger you get, the healthier you get and the more you get closer towards your personal fitness and well-being, the more you win for yourself. Prevent depression and carry on with your plan. You've changed your nurse and continue to think positive.

I hope this is helpful to you and best wishes to you in your efforts to stay on top of your condition.


Thank you so much for your reply it was really, really lovely, I read it to my daughters, through my tears. I will continue to read this whenever I feel that my shell has been rocked so that my well being stays in tacked and I am able to keep fighting the fight for another day. I will reverse it. I will lose the weight. I will get healthier. I am to young at 30 + VAT to give up hahaa to again a big thanks :)

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