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my Gp said I was borderline diabetic (and this could be related to acromegaly(yet undiagnosed and waiting to see consultant)and to have it monitored in a year.couple of weeks ago my left foot felt cold and numb.the gp said "I cant see anything".heard that so many times before when will they realise they cant see pain.?!! so I googled cold numb left foot and it came up with a sign of diabetes.

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Borderline is not a term that is medically accepted; the term is pre-diabetes.

You should take measures to control your blood glucose immediately to prevent any complications.

Aim for 40g of low Gi, low fructose carbs at each meal.

Eat a sensible amount of greens.

Have a palm-size or less of natural protein at most meals, with the balance of your needs met by natural fat.

Keep us informed.

Good luck!


That is what the gp said.the new gp hasn't mentioned diabetes at all.she dismissed my"cold left foot" as she could not see anything.I wish I could "see pain"!.have appointment booked Tuesday.put it to her then,

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What is low GI and what foods are fructose carbs?


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