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Guide me to healthy diabetic lifestyle?

Did I believe when 5 years ago the Doctor said I might be pre-diabetic. No and I did not do anything, why? 2 years ago when Doctor diagnosed yes you are diabetic, I was like clueless? What happened? How did I end up diabetic? Till todate I do not know how to take control of my body, someone please guide me. I am still like why is my diabetes not improving but the reading keep getting higher at every 3 month check-up with the doctor! I am worried soon instead of tablets the doctor might prescribe insulin jabs.

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Can you recommend the type of good fats

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Welcome to the group, Prema007.

A person needs to eat some carbs.. The brain won't be able to function properly without the correct amount (total carbs. depends on the person). Not all diabetics are the same, so if one person eats 75 carbs. for dinner, the next person may not be able to eat that many and have to either eat less or more. What has your Endocrinologist said to you at the appointment about the carbs. and counting them?

Please check the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's free leaflets on the website. The leaflets can be downloaded, read and/or listened to at anytime. Please take a look at: "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes" and "Exercise and Diabetes". Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

Hope this helps.


yes,agree with Activity2004

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You have got to eat some carbs. I avoid grains - anything with grain really spikes my blood sugar - same with jacket and mashed potatoes, anyway I get my carbs from vegetables.

I found the DietDoctor.com website really helpful, an online course about how to eat low carb, high fat, loads of lists of things that are good for diabetics, recipes galore.

I also lovethe Diabetes.co.uk website.

My best ever find was a book called Reverse Your Diabetes, A step by step plan to take control of your Type 2 Diabetes by Dr David Cavan - it was absolutely inspirational for me, I can't recommend it enough. I bought the book, then I sent off for a blood sugar meter and did everything the book told me to do. Success.

I'm no longer T2D, I have totally changed what I eat, I now eat low carb, high fat, I eat masses of green leafy vegetables, lots of fish, loads of unsalted nuts and seeds, I've ditched bread and cereals - partly because I'm on a GF diet and I just don't like most GF breads.

I have eggs for breakfast, I never snack, eat junk food, fruit juices or drink diet drinks - or any fizzy drinks. I won't go back to my old ways because I imagine I would end up T2 again eventually.

I feel so well, lots of energy, never tired and I've never been hungry.


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Dear Prema007

i have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it is bewildering ,joining the forum is the best thing i have done , it is a big adjustment but i feel i have better advice on this forum than anything else




Thank you for your comment, you might like to join the Diabetes Wellness Network drwf.org.uk/diabetes-wellne...


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