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Diagnosed With Plantar Fasciitis Looking Slippers

I started having a lot of problems with my feet. I went to the podiatrist, who diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis/spur. Unfortunately, this diagnosis didn't do much to help relieve the constant foot pain I was experiencing. I invested hundreds of dollars in insoles. I tried the foot exercises. I tried ice packs.

I need suggestion for suitable plantar fasciitis slippers that can give me some relax :(

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I did an online research found lots of sites like these




Just need suggestions for the suitable slippers.

Thanks in advance


Slippers will not help, I used to suffer with plantar for well over a year and a half. The only solution was a recommomendation and a referral by my GP to a pod clinic at Frimley park hospital where I was supplied with tailor made insoles. Within two weeks the problem was gone.


I had the badge for that. I always wear trainers. At work I am up & down ladders all day long. But keep looking for insoles that suit you. Good luck.

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This article from 2015 might be helpful drwf.org.uk/news-and-events...


sorry I can't help with the insoles but did wonder if you are type 2 on metformin and might be B12 deficient as a result - there is a significant overlap in the symptoms of B12 deficiency and diabetes so it can go un-noticed despite the fact that something like 40% of patients on metformin will have problems absorbing B12 from their food as a result.

You can find a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency here.


may be worth asking GP to test if you are on metformin.


I bought a really good supportive pair of ASICS trainers. They cost a lot but they were worth every penny. I never go about in bare feet or even wear unsupportive shoes of any sort these days or heels for that matter.

Like you, I spent a fortune, I went online and did all the exercises Dr Google found for me, I wore supportive footwear at all times, I rolled my feet over frozen bottles of water, I stood on the bottom step and lowered my feet down, hot then cold dips, you name it, I did it and I was lucky enough to get my foot sorted out in a couple of weeks.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful compla8nta I have ever had - it was like a knife from my heel to my brain.


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