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Have I got diabetes 2?

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Hi there,

I'm 20 years old and female, and have recently starting noticing some symptoms that can be recognised with Diabetes 2. I have always felt the cold alot more than other people, and get chilly very quickly. But more recently have noticed that my left fingers are going numb and also my left foot at times, even when they are warm. I have lost some weight but believe that's due to doing more. Doe anyone have any suggestions of what I should do?

5 Replies

If you think these symptoms related Diabetes 2, You should go for blood sugar test

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Go see your doctor they can find out for you.

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As others say you should go and see your doctor and get tested.

There are a lot of conditions that could be causing the problems you mention - including diabetes, thyroid problems and a B12 deficiency - there are forums for each of these conditions on health unlocked. It could also be a mixture of any of these conditions or even something else. Diabetes is the easiest to check for as elevated blood sugar levels are easy to identify. Thyroid is thought to be relatively simple to detect but there are some diagnoses problems that are often overlooked by GPs. B12 deficiency can be very problematic as people respond very differently to B12 and it is quite common for someone's results to come back as normal range but for there still to be an underlying deficiency so diagnosis really needs to take into account clinical presentation but awareness of this fact in the medical profession is disappointingly low.

You can find a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency here just in case anything else rings a bell. If it does - please join the PAS forum for more support


You need to see your GP about your symptoms and getting a diagnosis - it may sound scary but all of the conditions I mention above are treatable ... but left untreated all of them will cause complications and may cause damage that can't be reversed when you start treatment.

People live normal lives when they get the treatment they need.

If there is a history of diabetes in your family then type1 or MODY are also possibilities - MODY is a form of diabetes that many GPs aren't particularly aware of - but accounts for 2% of diabetes - there are numerous sub-types - one of which often goes undetected and is easily controlled by diet.

Type 1 is caused by dominant genes as is MODY and tend to respond to different treatment regimes so if it is diabetes then it is important to get the right diagnosis but that won't happen unless you approach your GP for a diagnosis.

Thankyou all for your help and guidance, I really appreciate it, and has made things clearer :)

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Well I am not a doctor, but what you write Shows that you need to do exercise first to see if it help. For Diabetes or anything else first get a medical check-up done, after the report we can discuss further

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