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Heart failure?

Not sure if this is the right group for this disease? Am experiencing quite a few serious symnptoms, suggestive of heart failure, principally shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and weakness, shuffling gait and difficulty functioning properly, and have been to the a&e on several occasions recently, not to mention my local gp on this matter, which is worsening daily, but none take me seriously. I am suspecting this is something to do with the pumping action of my heart being weakened, having furring of the arteries and diabetes and being on statins and having slightly raised blood pressure. All quite serious symptoms on their own never mind collectively. Is there anything anyone can suggest on these matters? Imagining that I am in need of surgery, maybe a pacemaker, urgently..? Help?

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This is a forum for stroke survivors so one of the other forums would probably be more appropriate for you.

If you feel you need help urgently then you have to go to A&E. Good luck.


Thanks. I've tried that with no luck. Spoke to my Gp today and had a blood test and getting a chest x-ray. So see what happens next..

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Whilst this is a stroke forum you could talk to your GP about the following tests: troponin using the new levels for women, blood oxygen (SpO2), Doppler test of the carotid artery as you have "furring of the arteries". You appear to be on an assortment of medications; maybe these need to be reviewed. As this is a stroke forum, it may be worth asking your GP whether there is a possibility that you've had a TIA.


Thanks for the advice. Going tomorrow for that chest x-ray. See what happens then. Will mention these other tests to my gp...


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