My life goes on....just not quite the way I had planned!

My life goes on....just not quite the way I had planned!

Hello everyone.

Like most of you(I have read ur posts) acceptance was hard for me. My stroke was an odd one and slight, I had suffered a traumatic bereavement and the stroke was probably caused by shock. It was the type of stroke normally caused by a car accident etc.

Where am I now? I am three years down the line...I get really tired and my brain gets foggy. I now have migraines, my eye gets so sore and feels like it is being sucked into my brain...nice, I know lol. My face is still numb, I am forgetful BUT I am alive. A few months after my stroke my brother died suddenly from a blockage in his heart...bang, just like that he was gone!

Ive had a stroke, cancer, two major back ops, three bereavements in a short space of time AND my two remaining brothers couldnt/ wouldnt accetpt there was anything wrong with, I dusted myself off, turned my back on their negativity and......I start a new job 22/8/16 which I am so so excited about, I'm in a new relationship with someone who has health issues so understands mine and he is the missing piece of my puzzle, I have three amazing adult children two of whome have incredible partners and one utterly perfect grandaughter who ive had the pleasure of spending the summer with because I was unemployed and although i am penniless I am happier than I have been in a very very long goes on everyone, its up to us to make the very most of it. There is no magic wand to turn our clocks back your lives and enjoy the treasures life still gives you.x

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  • Blimey you have been through the ringer!!!!

    I'm so pleased that you have found "happiness "

    Yes life does go "on & on & on & on"

    Keep "Smiling"

  • Great to hear that you are so positive after so much has happened to you and your family, and that you have found a lovely new partner. My husband is 3 months in from his major stroke, and is slowly improving and I feel so lucky that he is still with us. I know there are still going to be problems, and he will always have weakness on his affected side, but he's here, he still has his sense of humour and we will get through it. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your new job and your new relationship and hope the future is bright for you x

  • That's amazing what you,ve been threw well done I bet your family are proud of you

  • Glad to hear youre getting your life back.....Where was that amazing picture taken?

  • You seem to have had more than your share of problems. They make mine seem so small but like you it is no use living in the past we have to get on but in a different way. I keep trying to do things around the house but it takes much longer. Thanks to having an understanding husband who has health issues and good sons, grandchildren and friends i carry on. I still knit and go to a knitting club, craft club and have recently joined an adult colouring club all based in our local library.

  • Thank you for your lovely replies everyone. I had my first day in my new job today and loved it.....the down side is i was in bed by 8pm and still have 5 days to work, my brain is completely fogged over and back really living again....differently yes but living, I will fight through this, it will take me a while....a long learn everything in my new job but just to be part of something again is amazing.x Keep smiling everyone, smiles are infectious and you never know...if you smile at someone you might be the only smile they get in their day.x

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