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Please can someone help?

Hello, my name is lucy and I'm 34. I don't know if I'm being dramatic and having read some of your posts I think I may be, but the left side of my face is numb and my friend has noticed that it has dropped a little. My ear, neck, all over the back of my head, on my face (its out to about half way across my eye) have gone numb Although my mouth is not. I can feel that I'm touching my ear etc but there is no pain similar to the feeling you would get if for example your leg went to sleep. I have been very run down, am only 48.5 kg at 5ft 1in, I have had weird nerve twinges across the top and back of my head also, I would touch my forehead and it would feel like a piece of fizzy string was attaching it to the back of my head. I have not banged my head nor been in any accidents. IF YOU CAN PLEASE ADVISE, Thank you!!!!

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Hi Lucy.


You mention that your face is numb and it has dropped.

Have you got any other problems on that side off your body ???

You say that you have been "run down"

Has this been for some time ???

Sorry for more questions just trying to help you !!!!

Please let me know if I can help you further.



Sounds like a stroke. Get someone to take you to a.e as soon as possible

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We're not doctors on here, you need to see a medical professsional. Please go to A&E or at least see your GP.


You need to get your symptoms checked good luck !


Sounds as if you could have had a stroke. See a doctor soon.


I suggest you have a chat with your gp. Best of luck


if u still feel the same think u should fone a doctor and ask for a house call the nhs number is 111 they will tell u what to do good luck


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