Tight, spasticmuscles on weakened side

I had a serious stroke in March 2014 which took out my left side altogether. My left fingers an toes ar tightly clawed and it feels I have a really stretched bungee cord running from toes to hand via my neck. I have hand and foot splints but they don't seem to be making a lot of difference anda re a real struggle to apply as I'm effectively one-handed. I have hydrotherapy occasionally and wondered whether anyone had thoughts on the longer term prognosis and anything else that might help please ;-)Greg

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  • Botox?..ask your consultant about it

  • Thanks, Franny, but been there, done that, with no discernable result - didn't even clear my wrinkles LOL

  • I don't know whether left or right side makes a difference or what part of the brain or whether a bleed is the same as a blockage, but assuming there is no difference at all, I don't know. If there is a difference, then what is that difference? Secondly, where in the country are you?

    Personally, I'm in South Notts. Six months ago I had a bleed into the Thalamic area of my brain and from a total scrunching up of the muscles on the right of my body and an inability to speak, I have a large portion of that back thanks to A BRILLIANT team who kept reminding me that it was all my own work that was making me fit and well again. I also missed 10 days of stroke specific care after just over 3 weeks while still in hospital, but kept my chin up. At this time the Stroke Team lost me. I was picked up by the Community Care Team for a month on returning home and carried on growing, but only had them until the end of November. I was found by the Stroke Team again in mid-February after I had a "Decompensation of old stroke secondary to stress" following a stroke-like incident for which I was hospitalised, but at least it got me seen again. Since then I've seen my GP, several people with stroke related skills and I'm going to see my Stroke Specialist on Tuesday for the check-up I would have had in mid-November. I have no idea what that will entail.

    On Weds I'm going to relate this to a researcher.

    We are all as individual as the strokes we have, but I hope this has been as helpful to you as it has been for me.

  • That sounds a little like the one i had in July 2014. I have trouble with my left side and wear a splint on my left leg but to add to mine i fell and ended up having my left hip pinned and 6 weeks later the found i had dislocated my left shoulder so now i find i cannot lift my left shoulder up to the ceiling. I also have muscle spasums where my left leg either jumps or have to walk around to get the circulartion moving . I keep trying the excerise that i was given but dont get any help at all and i am trying to find out where i can have a go at swimming under supervision but no luck. I loved knitting so have found a way to knit and go to a craft club to help me make my hand work. Just keep on trying thats all you can do.

  • Keep it up! The knitting is good. Definitely keep on with the exercise...

  • Thanks TonyToo for your encouragement as well as knitting i am having a go at sewing and bought myself what is called an embriodary punch needle which i saw on the tube so i cant wait to try not sure what the results will be. I have also had a go at sewing in the club and tried sewing buttons on my knitted items. Still get frustrated but never mind. So to all the people who are on this site KEEP ON TRYING IT MAY TAKE LONGER BUT GET THERE IN THE END

  • @OP, you have OT's, Physio's & SLT's (when necessary), talk to them. If you don't got them, WHY? Get them.

  • How do you go about hydrotherapy as i have never been offered it? I had some help when i came out but dont get any help of any kind. I am trying to get help to go swimming, if any one out there can offer how to go about it i would be grateful. I would need help to get to get in and out of the water and need my husband to help get changed

  • I attend a daycare/therapy centre called Avanti(abi) in St.Leonards but prior to that My doctor arranged for a series of appointments at the district general hospital - unfortunately only 4 sessions which was pretty frustrating as I found it really helpful. After a bit of research, I found a disability swimming activity group locally which I also attend on Sundays and cost £25.00 for a year's membership The hydro and the pool both have Hoists to get the less able in and out!the warm water makes all the difference!

  • I am looking for a disability swimming group in my area of Stretford Manchester but cant find one. Any help from the group would be welcome

  • Had a search and came up with this potential contact Karen Winters 0161 749 2570 at Urmston Leisure Centre all the very best to you if she can't help herself she should know someone who knows someone Greg x

  • Thanks Greg. My husband was going to Urmston baths on Wed. I feel that i just need help to find out what i can do with some form of help with left my arm and leg and getting dressed an undressed. You are the first one to offer a solution. Have already got a pair of socks to stop me slipping. Cant wait for him to find out

  • web searches for stroke association and stroke support group with Stretford aught to help there's help all over the place and so much easier to find than in the pre-google days

  • Hi Brenda, ring your local pool . I'm sure they have to have facilities to get you in and out . If you're lucky they may have an instructor. Or ask your GP, they can refer you to your local health club. Or ring your county council. I'm the same age as you. 71. I found all these facilities were available here in Leicestershire I don;t know what area you are but do ask . If they don't have facilities they should have, email Jeremy Hunt if they don't.

    good luck

    love Annlynne

  • Ask your go if they could refer you to the hospital for Botox it is miraculous

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but as it happens I did have Botox injections several months ago with no discernable result (didn't even fix my wrinkles He He

  • Greg, so sorry to hear from a fellow sufferer . I'm just the same and 'glad I looked after my teeth' as they have to act as my left hand a lot of the time. I just thank God I still have my dominant had working. Have you tried neuro physiotherapy. I don't know what country you are in but I found a therapist in Lilliput near Sandbanks Poole UK when we were staying there. I made real progress in my hand ,my arm my walking and in my whole self esteem . The down side is that the therapy did not come cheap and was not on NHS so it has now slipped. My spasticity in my foot was causing an ingrowing toenail, which got infected, antibiotics prescribed, INR affected. To break the cycle I had my left big toe nail removed. It is growing again -it's like a curse ! My foot is swollen I have to wear shoes 2 sizes larger. so now I am lumbering around with big feet, a gammy leg (I forgot to mention I fell and shattered the neck of my femur, they gave me what is known as a bi-polar repair -sometimes its okay sometimes plays up ) gritted teeth and a stroke affected arm dangling from my shoulder like a dead cod. I used to strut my stuff but now I feel like Frankenstein's monster.

    I'm sorry I can't make you better but I hope I made you smile xx Annlynne

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