Stroke recovery and pfo

I am. 5 months post stroke and feeling anxious at how slow recovery is. I am age 40 and the stroke 4 months after having a baby.From a medical point of view they consider me doing really well. The stroke mainly affected my vision (reduced colour and sharpness)and balance and I have also have fatigue with anxiety. What concerns me is that most doctors say 6 months is when most imrprovement takes place. I appreciate every stroke is different but I would like to know others experience. I know I am lucky to have full motor function but I cam find little information on the symptoms I have. Finally my stroke is due theythink to a pfo ( small hole in heart) which is due to be closed in a month,does anyone have experience of this?


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  • Anyone?

  • Hello I think we all want to runbefore we can walk I am five months post stroke and can now manage to get myself dressed I also am told I am doing very well. And making a quick recovery. You also have a baby and other problems to contend with. I feel that managing to do the things I have done all my life is not really an achievement. Even though I appreciate that a stroke changes everything. My main problem is fatigue more so when just sitting down as because my balance is not good I am limited in what I can do. I am told that putting the washing in he machine is something to be proud of. But not in my mind. I hope your operation goes well and you continue to make progress. Keep,smiling it could be worse. And the baby needs you.

  • Hi, thanks for your kind words. We must have been around the same time. Good luck with your recovery too x

  • Good luck with the driving. That is my next goal but I don't know where to start. Dvla have my licence. Thanks for the reply and good luck for the future.

  • My stroke was in March 2014# Maylin, but I really recognise how you feel. So many tiny tasks around the house I wouldn't have thought twice about are now a daunting effort,I foolishly feel ashamed to have to ask for quite so much help and that sometmes dealing with that is almost as much effort as doing the job in the first place would have been no time at all ago but I have started driving rehab at last and have a set date for a re-test which is both exciting and scaryWoo Hoo!!!!!

  • Good luck x

  • Dwood647 .

    BIT late,but hope everything went well.

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