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TIA advice urgently needed please

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in France on holiday and my husband was rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke, (having lost sight in the right eye and some pain and discomfort) the eye sight returned fully within an few minutes and he would have brushed it off had it not been for the shopkeeper calling an ambulance. He has now been in hospital for 8 days and they have carried out every test imaginable! MRI revealed 2 mini strokes (TIA) and several more areas where small spots of blood were detectable in the brain. My French is pretty good but medical terminology is quite challenging to understand. They believe that the small spots of blood are due to a heart problem, My big question is if they release him on Tuesday can he fly? and are the spots of blood dangerous? Where do we go from here?

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I’m sorry all this has happened on ur vacation. My advice would be to talk to the drs there and see if flight home is safe. If u need an interpreter hospitals almost always have someone who can help with the communication. Ask for it because u really need to know about the flight home. Is he APS? If so what is his INR? Ask them about that and go from their. If u have the money try do see dr Hughes or on of his colleges, I believe he is n England. Good luck!

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Hi, do you have travel insurance? If so I think they provide translators. Only the medics can answer your question really.

If really concerned about the flying how about getting a train /ferry back to the UK?

Good luck!

Let a train take the strain. Its surely not worth the risk of flying.

Best wishes for your safe return.👍

Ask for an interpreter to help you understand. In theUS they have a phone line interpreter just for this reason. Maybe they have it In France too. Best of luck

Please post about the outcome of the french trip,it seems you and hubby got back alright.

Hi 2stroke we came back from France and into the NHS. Our GP scoffed at our letters marked urgent and put my husbands name forward to the TIA clinic as a non urgent appointment.

This was hugely disappointing and so we went for a second opinion. He was immediately referred to a heart specialist and they have discovered a valve that is not working properly and he will need an op to replace this. He also had another MRI which confirmed the French MRI that he had had to TIA’s and they confirmed a tumour on the lower back of his head. And that where are at! Dissapointed with our GP but grateful to the second doctor that we saw!

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