Hi, this is my first visit after an uncomfortable experience yesterday. I am 79 years old.

I vomited the previous evening for no apparent reason other than feel muzzy headed. Next morning felt muzzy headed and not quite with it. I also had a bit of mild chest pain. This developed rapidly to disorientation, difficult forming words and speaking, inco ordination and poor balance. My head felt it was going to burst with the pressure. All told about an hour elapsed. My partner dialled 999 and the Paramedics duly came and advised me to go to hospital. By this time I was feeling better and declined their offer. They phoned my GP. and made an appointment. My GP. advised me to go from the surgery and we arrived at the hospital 4pm.

I was seen at 4.30pm. by a very good senior nurse He suggested there maybe a blood clot floating around. I had an ECG. and bloods taken.

I was seen by a Doctor at 6pm. and given a thorough examination, then left for 2 hours. She came and said they were waiting for blood results and after first telling me she would arrange for GP to send me for a brain scan, then sent me to the C.T.Scan Dept at 8pm. with escort. I was left in an empty clinic and no staff. I assume they had gone home. I was taken back to A and E at 8.30 pm. and left in a cubicle with no explanation. No food or drink and no medication since breakfast. I scooped water from the tap in the cubicle. I am also having tests for diabetes. By 9.30pm. I had had enough and got a taxi home and took an Aspirin and 2 Paracetamol.

I finally arrived home at 10pm. very disillusioned by wasted time and lengthy waiting and not even being given an aspirin. It wasn't even very busy as there were several empty cubicles.

I will make an appointment with my GP. for a brain scan

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  • Dear Mhazel that is all disgraceful! I hope I never go tonight A& E or any of my loved ones! I hope you are doing ok and that you are better cared fir in the future! So angry when I read this kind of experience as an ex nurse it makes me very sad!

  • Many Thanks for your concern. I saw my GP today and she is arranging an urgent visit to the TIA clinic and a brain scan

  • Good not before time my friend. Let me know how you get on?

  • Hi, I have had my brain scan which confirmed it was a mini stroke. I also had a Doppler of the blood vessels in my neck which shewed they were ok. I am also having a heart scan because the Consultant found a murmur. My GP mentioned I had mild heart failure some months ago but I had forgotten that though I am quite breathless on exertion. I have some new medication to stop blood cells sticking together.

    Won't stop me living my 79 year old soon to be 80 life to the full though

  • Oh dear...not a good story....but not so unusual in my experience.

    I was sent home on both occasions after seizures on concurrent Saturday and Sundays due to my blood clot.....both times taken by ambulance to a&e but not properly diagnosed until the scan on Monday lunchtime.

    That particular weekend in Oct 14 was a nightmare in the local hospital....changing over from paper to computerized records. Spent hours in corridors, side rooms and waiting rooms. "Luckily" I was too ill to really comprehend and care....

  • I also felt there was a lack of continuity and communication and felt I was abandoned. My GP feels I should voice my concerns to the hospital

  • Maybe PALS, the patient liaison people ?

  • My G.P. has organised an appointment already for Tuesday at the T.I.A clinic. She also suggested I voiced my concerns as well. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful award winning GP practice in our area.

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