Need help I'm a bit lost

Last Friday all seemed OK then I reached for something and could not control my right arm was just like jelly and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get my arm to do what I wanted I then went in to meltdown as speech went ambulance called said my blood pressure was 188 hospital at 1st said it was mild stroke then said MS as I do have MS was going to keep me in then sent me home with clopidogrel zentiva 75mg to take one a day then I got phone call to go in to day and it was back to being a stroke now have seen consultant and had a scan on my neck they are sending me for a head scan and will be putting me on a heart monitor but I am still in the dark.

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  • A head mri will confirm whether or not you had a stroke.

  • Sounds like a TIA or mini stroke. Had mine nine months ago. Also on Clopidogeral which is a blood thinner. I know how you feel it is so frightening.

    Hope you get on ok with the heart monitor and scan. Although I was told a Tia does not normally leave any signs once it is over. It is a warning that you could have a stroke but, with medication you will most likely be fine. I haven't had any more.

    That said, it is still the most frightening and unbelievable thing to happen. Hang in there you are getting the right treatment and hopefully things will settle down. Good luck

  • You've got a lot going on!

    I'd wait if I were you.

    Do what you can to reduce your blood pressure, deepen and slow your breathing and wait.

    I wish I could help you some more.

  • Having watched my husband have his stroke, I can understand how scared you are. The medication you've been given is for stroke, my hubby takes that as well as others, but it does make your blood a wee bit thin. The scan on your head is to see if you have or have had, a wee bleed in one of your veins. If so then it's def a stroke, even a small one can be very debilitating and scary. Just relax more, try to stay calm, I know that's hard just now, but try some relaxations exercises to help your edginess. Strokes are very unpredictable and you will prob find you have differences in your taste buds, or even your sense of time. Do not worry so much. Hospitals stroke units are great these days, or at least our hospital was. I wish you all the luck, and will keep you in my prayers.

  • Not all strokes are caused by bleeds or in veins, I've had 3 strokes all arterial and all caused by clots. Symptoms vary in severity and type, personally I've never had a change to my taste buds or sense of time, everyone is affected differently. Just try to be patient until they complete your tests.

  • Thanks

  • I know that feeling - I was at the deep end of the swimming pool when I heard a voice above me asking "can't you get out? I'll give you a hand if you need it" I was prepared to argue that I had several lengths to complete- next thing, there was 3 of him (2 in Green uniforms as he had called an ambulance)

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