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Hi Gruff here, this is my 1st post, I had a minor stroke in March this year and in a lot of ways I feel like a bit of a fraud posting here, I only have some balance issues, a slight weakness on my left side and I struggle to find words sometimes, so all in all I think I got of lightly. My wife says I have changed, that I am not as loving or compassionate as I used to be and more withdrawn.

I noticed myself that I have to force myself to start conversations however if someone else starts I happily respond. Another thing I occasionally swing from very emotional to quite aggressive and am not aware of this until someone points this out.

It is having an impact on my relationship with my wife of 35 years as she is as she says " Fed Up" and would like the old me back. Has anyone else any experience of any of this or any suggestions or advice that may help?


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  • A stroke has many effects including affecting your confidence. I've noticed that at times I have a tendency to grumpiness for no good reason, although I was a pain after DVLA rescinded my licence. We all need time to recover. I go out for walks with my wife as well as going to her Pilates class so that I can get used to other people again.

  • have u tryed to get your driving lisence back i am in the process of trying to get mine after stroke nov22 2015 .tryed the ot thing and made a mess of it twice now waiting on word to go to edinbrough witch i am dreading but feel the stroke has taken enough without taking my free dom as well .i use to work all the time and if i manage to get back to work i need to drive but that still a we bit away ,as far as strokes go i am doing not to bad can do most things just take a bit longer and a keep getting told it early days even a year down the line

  • I had a stroke in July this year and as I lost my licence because the stroke affected my eyesight, I can't apply for an exceptional consideration for at least a year. I can easily pass reading the number plate, but I fail the 120 degree and the 50 degree each side of the central axis. My eyes are fine apart the from the interior jelly detaching, it's the visual processing in my brain that's the problem.

  • i am just at the year now and if some one had told me it was a lot of hassil to get my liecnce back i wouldnt have sent it a would have kept my mouth shut and told them nothing

  • Keep going you'll be improving every day xx

  • just noticed u have said something about eye site i have had eyes tested and lucky there no change in my sight

  • yes after my stroke i have became veru quite and moody as i feel so tiered all the time /it still early days for u as they say the best recovery can take up tp a year in my earrly days a day seemed like a month but am not as inpatient nowa was fed up hearing it takes time.to be honest it does

  • I had my trome in march of thisyear and although my only problem is a bit unstrady on my feet i know that i havevhad a character change. I feel very angry about the change in my life i cannot do much of the things i used to but also have difficultybinnmotvating myself. My husband of 22 years is amazing and puts up ewith my mood changes i am very rarely happy mainly sad at how i feel or dont feel inseem to have lost thevabilitybto feel emotions apart from anger i just try to domthevthings inudsed to be able tomdo and tell my brain itcould do it once so getbon with it. But i till get sngry and sad. I am sure your wife after 35 years realises that it is not deliberate and you may never be abe to get back to your old self. However keep smilingand trying to keep thevlovev thst younhsve for each other aiive at least younare still there in body even if the spirit is not quite the same. All the best for the future snd happtynChristmas

  • Thanks Maylin, good advice, It's nice to know I'm not the only one

  • Hi gruff like you I had two strokes balance issues and same problem with speech and left hand a bit slower.but main problem is fatigue and mood.i can relate to you my husband gets fed up with my negative attitude.im a nurse was full of fun chatty know don't want to do anything.changed job but still miss my old life .feel a fraud as you say our strokes are small compared to others.keep strong 🤗Bev.x

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